Chiang Mai Tattoo Shops

Where to get your tattoo in Chiang Mai might be a mystery. We have tried to clear up Thailand’s best-kept secrets of the Thai tattoo world in the North of Thailand covering remarkable Chiang Mai Tattoo Shops. If you want to stay overnight and set a tattoo, Le Meridien Chiang Mai is a hotel in the centre of the northern city.


Wondering where to get Your Mark in Thailand?


Thailand is filled with highly-skilled artists, operating with both needle and bamboo equipment. Chiang Mai tattoo shops are consistently growing, and artistic talent for both traditional and contemporary designs are popping up regularly in all areas of the city. A creative hotspot filled with cultural and traditional heritage; Chiang Mai is a great place to visit for your eternal ink souvenir. From vegan ones, custom designs, portraits, sleeves, full back work and traditional ‘Sak Yant’ marks, we offer an informed rundown of the best symbol shops in Chiang Mai.

Celebrity Ink Studio


The Australian chain ‘Celebrity Ink’ is not just a famous name in Thailand but an internationally recognized brand. They are a pretty big deal in the world of ink and boast first place position at the “Australian Tattoo Exhibition”. They have won various awards and received a lot of positive press across New Zealand and Australia. Known even across America, one of their artists also appeared on NBC America for a celebrity tattoo challenge…impressive. The franchise has many shops in various locations such as Phuket, Bangkok, Indonesia, India and of course, Australia. Their fame is all pretty much down to their very talented artists, and recurring custom is widespread. All staff at the Chiang Mai shop are fluent in English, so they are quite big on eradicating any doubt regarding artwork or design translation issues. Another benefit of being an international tattoo chain in Thailand is their adherence to Australian hygiene regulations. Hand sanitiser is scattered pretty much everywhere, and the whole Chiang Mai branch is a strictly no footwear venue. In-depth consultations with passionate artists are available, as are innovative third-party payment-plan applications. Their diverse group of Chiang Mai artists ensure that pretty much any design or idea is doable here, but due to popular demand, booking in advance is highly recommended.


Panumart Chiang Mai Tattoo Inks the Mark


he Australian chain ‘Celebrity Ink’ is not just a famous name in Thailand but an internationally recognized tattoo brand. Thailand Event Guide

Celebrity Ink – Tattoo Shop in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide


A family-owned shop in Chiang Mai, Panumart is a vegan-friendly ink shop in Thailand. Consultations are intimate, and each of the operating artists here has its own unique artistic style. Portfolios can be viewed online, with personal advice and design work-ready upon request from dedicated and creative artists. Another English-speaking venue is another Chiang Mai mark shop with an emphasis on international hygiene laws. Equipment is safe and sterilized, and only name-brand and high-quality ink are used to create their religious body art. Vegan marks are also available, utilizing speciality ink and equipment that is free from animal products and testing. With the shop being so big on personal and bespoke experiences, they interestingly advertise a ‘No Regret Guarantee’. This is backed up by their lengthy pre-tattoo consultation, and the artists here ensure comfort and confidence during all of their customer appointments. Clean, well-priced and in a convenient location, Panumart Tattoo in Chiang Mai really deserves its 5* rating on Google.

Inkaholic CNX Tattoo, Chiang Mai

Two Women with Tattoo from Tattoo shop in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

Two Women with Tattoo from Tattoo shop in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide


Looking to get your first symbol in Chiang Mai? CNX pride itself on their personable experience and attentive service for first-time inking. Consultations are incredibly attractive here, and staff work hard to assist, develop and grow your design to ensure maximum satisfaction. The artists here genuinely appreciate the anxiety that can often come with your first tattoo and the importance of getting something so long-lasting just right. Resident artists here are very talented, particularly with sketches, line work, intricate designs and portraits. Guest artists are also available for appointment booking, specializing in traditional Thai designs and bamboo techniques. The studio is clean, welcoming, well-priced and aftercare instructions are comprehensive.

Jub Tattoo Studio, Chiang Mai


Ink Shops pop up in Thailand and Chiang Mai is a creative hub.

Ink Shops pop up in Thailand and Chiang Mai is a creative hub.


Many people head to the North of Thailand for traditional tattoo work, but Jub Studio offers a refreshing area of contemporary expertise. Artists here specialize in dot work, lines, mandala tattoos and geometric designs; a selection of modern artistry that has grown in popularity over recent years. Artists here can easily replicate and enhance their own designs or create custom drawings following private consultations. Jub has a significant Instagram presence, and all clients seem elated with their final results. The shop has gained a lot of positive attention since its Chiang Mai opening and also offer vegan symbols. Situated conveniently near Maya Mall, Jub also ensures high standards of medical and health hygiene. All great all-rounder and reliable Tattoo shop in Chiang Mai.

HD Tattoo, Chiang Mai


HD Tattoo has quite a few shops in Thailand and is well known for its incredibly detailed portrait tattoos. 100% Thai owned yet internationally managed, all HD branches have English speaking staff and adhere to rigorous hygiene policies. Standing for ‘High Definition’, some of the artwork being created at HD Tattoo must be seen to be believed. Many of the artists here in Chiang Mai are award-winning, and it is easy to see why the detail and skill incorporated into their designs often resemble physical photographs. Full-colour and grayscale portrait tattoos are available and can be created from photos and printed images. Alterations and enhancements can be made to all models, and bespoke design services can be discussed during an initial appointment. Precision, technique and passion are shared by all artists at HD and consultations are detailed, comforting and attentive. HD  is an excellent choice for people looking for portraits, sleeves, full back work and cover-up tattoos in Chiang Mai. Small and traditional designs are also available, and prices are incredibly reasonable, considering the highly-impressive results.

Sam Tattoo Chiang Mai


Tatoos are common in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

Tattoos are common in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide


Opening its doors for the first time back in 1994, Sam is well-known in Chiang Mai for its tattoo and design work. Sam is operating in the city for many years. The shop has accumulated a massive portfolio of past artworks. For those looking for bespoke designs, they don’t have a strict speciality at Sam Tattoo, instead, utilizing a great team of artists who alternate based on strengths and suitability to design. Their online portfolio is split between resident artists and several categories such as colour, tribal, traditional Thai, Sak Yant with bamboo and grayscale. Sam also boasts a lot of cover-up work and their comparative results are awe-inspiring. The tattoo shop is well-reviewed, clean and modern with modern equipment being used. The shop also boasts a convenient location and is situated opposite the Pizza Hut at the Chiang Mai night bazaar.

Bloodline Tattoo Studio, Chiang Mai


Tattoo on Feet. Thailand Event Guide

Tattoo on Feet. Thailand Event Guide


Another International-owned tattoo shop in Chiang Mai, Bloodline actually specializes in the traditional bamboo tattoo technique that is famous in Thailand. This historic tattoo craft began in temples, used by Buddhist monks to apply symbols of health and faith and has become quite a popular souvenir for residents and visitors to Thailand. Although also offering needle tattoos, Bloodline stands by the benefits of bamboo tattoos and their fast healing qualities that pack a low-pain factor. The shop has a comprehensive selection of traditional Thai tattoo designs which can be applied using ‘hand-tapped’ bamboo rod equipment or standard sterilized needles. Bloodline also specializes in portrait tattoos, and some of its portfolio examples are extremely impressive. Artists at this Chiang Mai tattoo shop are commended on social media for their ability to create incredible portrait tattoos from photographs, and their shading work is some of the best the city has to offer. Hygiene standards are incredibly high at Bloodline, with adherence to international standards and aftercare instructions provided with great detail to all customers visiting their store.

Mana Bamboo Tattoo, Chiang Mai


Tattoo Woman. Thailand Event Guide

Tattoo Woman. Thailand Event Guide

A dedicated bamboo tattoo studio located on Loi Kroh Rd with passionate English-speaking staff. The technique and precision used when applying traditional designs are regularly commended at Mana Bamboo and reviews are consistently five stars. They have endless conventional designs to choose from and also offer a skilful application of intricate modern designs. Despite Thai tradition dictating bamboo tattoos should be applied at a Buddhist temple, the overall experience and attentive staff at Mana are a fantastic alternative. The customer service is also well-reviewed here, and Mana is well-known as an excellent place for your first tattoo.


Traditional Sak Yant by Thai Monks


Thailand Tattoo Shops. Thailand Event Guide

Thailand Tattoo Shops. Chiang Mai Tattoo shops Thailand Event Guide


Still eager to get an authentic tattoo experience in a real temple surrounding? Traditional bamboo tattooing is still quite prevalent in Chiang Mai, and there are tour companies that can make your experience legitimate, safe and comfortable. ‘Sak Yant Chiang Mai’ offers several options for your traditional experience, eradicating confusing and unhygienic options from a lengthy search. The company combine the procedure with expertise and provide all customers with a day to remember. Packages include a full temple tour, authentic and memorable encounters with real monks, Ajarns and temples. The company packages are well priced, with all parties benefiting ethically and financially from these prices. With reliable, friendly and honest staff, Sak Yant Chiang Mai provides a truly authentic experience without the stress of sourcing the most suitable method. Aftercare instructions and post-tattoo meditation opportunities are also part of the offered packages alongside blessings and in-depth explanations of all possible tattoo designs.