You Know Why Pattaya Is Heating You Up?

Sometimes Pattaya gets an unfortunate reputation because of its sex trade and the multitude of bars and clubs, but Pattaya is much more than that. The vast spectrum of different nationalities and people that make Pattaya their home flies in the face and modern convention and completely bucks the idea that Pattaya is only a sex capital. There is so much to see and do in the city, and with so many top-notch venues, is a great place to experience a vast array of Thailand events.

The Pattaya events calendar is filled to the brim with sports, dining and music festival events that routinely take place in the city each month. Please see some reasons below why visiting Pattaya to enjoy Thailand events is a popular thing to do.

Perfect Weekend Getaway for Pattaya Events

If you live in Bangkok or another location across Thailand, or just need to get away for a weekend of fun and excitement, nobody does it better than Pattaya. Whether it’s a Pattaya music festival, conference or pool party, Pattaya is a great place to get away for the weekend.

Just a 2-hour drive from Bangkok and with a wide range of hotel choices, a weekend in Pattaya in a destination such as Pattaya Beach Road, Walking Street Pattaya, Jomtien Beach, Naklua or even Bangsaray are the perfect places to get away from Bangkok and to immerse yourself in the cacophony of Pattaya events that take place each week in the city that never sleeps.

Pattaya has a Focus on Upper Class

Contarary to popular belief, Pattaya attracts all manner of people, especially those from the upper echelons of Western society. You only have to visit the international golf clubs at Siam Country Club and Laem Chabang to understand the upscale clientele that make Pattaya their home and holiday location. With some stunning 5-star hotels that are also regularly used for Pattaya and Thailand events, such as Hilton Pattaya, Dusit D2 Pattaya, Hard Rock Hotel and many more, Pattaya has more high-end hotels than other locations in Thailand apart from Bangkok.

With a vast selection of 5-star eateries such as the Mantra, Café des Amis, Brunos, News Steaks & Grill and many more, Pattaya dining events and the dining scene in general is simply stunning.

Lots of Pattaya Events Choices

When it comes to Pattaya events and things to do, there is so much choice. It is not uncommon for Pattaya to host international golf tournaments such as the Asian-Tour inspired Thailand Open, and the LPGA Thailand Honda Classic, and ATP Tennis Events at the Dusit hotel. Alongside this, there is the International Fireworks Display that takes place in November, and a litany of music festival such as the Warp Festival and the Wonderfruit Festival at Siam Country Club, this is a city that offers everything and is a true hub for Thailand events.

5-Star Venues for Pattaya Events

It’s hard to host world-class Thailand events if you don’t have the venues to do so. Fortunately, Pattaya has its share of venues for Pattaya events. As we mentioned above, the vast choice of 5-star hotels are great places to host Pattaya events, especially at the Hard Rock Hotel that is host to monthly pool parties and live music extravaganzas.

When it comes to Pattaya DJ events, Walking Street is home to some of the most high-end nightclubs in Thailand such as Insanity Nightclub, The Pier and Mixx Discotheque that routinely hold major international DJs from the dance music world that never fails to create a memorable Pattaya event night.

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