Ticket Sales, Event Sales, Marketing Automation on Thailand Event Guide

When you plan to sell events or attraction park or tickets, and you look for marketing automation for your ticket sales. Is automation for your ticket sales critical? Do you look for a robust ticket selling platform with future AI and Blockchain technology implemented? Ticket sales solutions for any venue or event provided in a few simple steps? Thailand Event Guide has got you covered with the best event & party ticket sales channel as well for the best deals online.

Thailand Event Guide provides; besides a lightning-speed ticket platform used to sell large numbers of tickets, a full-service agency to support your ticket marketing. We have integrated our platform with all the latest technologies and a modern-look dashboard for analytics and insight. 

Thailand Event Guide is the marketing and ticket sales channel for any event organizer, hotel, attraction parks, museum, cultural centre or art gallery.

Sell Tickets for Your Music Festival or Event?

Are you a dedicated organizer looking for the next level to sell your tickets at a fraction of the costs? Our ticket platform sells millions of tickets for music festivals and events worldwide.

Ticket Sales for Museums, Theme and Water Parks

You can focus on your business while we facilitate with a robust platform for your ticket sales. Set up affiliates or resellers. Sell season cards or accommodation, food, drinks or vouchers to the ticket.

Tickets to Sports Arenas and Clubs

We provide a robust box office integrated into your website that enables superfast checkout process and seamless user experience. We can handle large volume sales at lightning speed, offering you realtime insight for your ticket sales performance.

Hotels, Dining Voucher and Ticket Sales

Thailand Event Guide offers an integrated marketing and ticket sales channel for hotels, dining, events and promotions. Besides a robust ticket solution, countrywide payment, databases and social media channels you can also run your own marketing campaigns with the captured data back to you.

Ticket Sales, Event Sales, Marketing Automation, future blockchain and AI Technology on Thailand Event Guide
Ticket Sales, Event Sales, Marketing Automation, future blockchain and AI Technology on Thailand Event Guide

Branding and Footprint

Leave your 100% business footprint on your ticket page and website. Brand your tickets across affiliates and resellers, via the portal, social media channels and databases.

Real-Time Seat Selections

Our Seating Maps are hyper UX-friendly with advanced colour-coding, seat categorization & stage pointer for a perfect overview even for the biggest arenas.

Marketing Automation for your Ticket Sales

Enable marketing automation for your ticket sales while remaining your footprint. Purchase any other marketing or media spend. With Google Tag Manager, you can monitor your overall performance.

Value Add Ticket Selling Platform

Package your tickets and upsell additional items, accommodations, food and drinks, coupons or special discounts has never been easier and push your revenue upfront.

Season Cards, Deals, Promotions and Discount Ticket Sales

Sell tickets across multiple events or seasons and enable customer success across seasons. With the seasons’ subscriptions, you can grant customers access to various concerts or exhibitions all year round.

Multi-Language and Currency

Our ticket platform is multi-language translated in most prominent languages and multi-currency and allowing you to accept ticket payments in different revenues.

Mobile and paperless tickets

We distribute with lightning speed tickets through e-ticket and mobile ticket to reduce any unnecessary paper waste to be scanned at the door by yourself or our teams.

Bundle Group Tickets

Allocate group ticket sales efficiently with sales conditions for a specific period predefined.

Blockchain and AI Technology

Implementing future developments is crucial. We keep a close eye on new developments such as blockchain and AI technology as well as other developments in the ticketing market.

Branded Ticket Shops

Set up unique ticket shops for your sponsors and partners with predefined ticket conditions for partners to increase your potential chances for sales.

Track and Trace Your Tickets

Sell tickets from any venue and increase the success of affiliate sales. You can track and trace the success of each sales channel and evaluate your affiliates/resellers to keep improving your channels.

Custom barcodes and Access Control

Flexible import and export of your own or third-party barcodes. Manage the total crowd flow over multiple access points without headaches and fearless.

Automation for your ticket selling in Thailand

We have envisioned a way where you can focus on your business, new customers and unusual events while our platform fuels the day to day operations and accelerates better time and value while reducing the costs with our 100% Whitelabel ticketing channel. Your own ticket box office integrated into your own website with distribution to other shops enables a lightning speed selling user experience across multiple devices and platforms.