Privacy and General Data Protection (GDPR). Thailand Event Guide

The privacy and cookie policy apply to all B-Concept Media Entertainment Group ‘s, starting now collectively called B-Concept, channels, products and services. We prefer to be clear on how we collect data and what we do with your data. Feel free to contact us anytime when there is unclarity or if you have any questions about our policy. We are happy to answer all your questions. If you wish us to delete your data, let us know. No questions asked.


Your Privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation


B-Concept channels, including this website, follow the General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] set by the European Union. Besides accepting cooking on this website or any other B-Concept channel, we have integrated notifications in the subscription and comment forms to remind you that we capture data for our own analysing and promoting purposes. You are free to accept or decline any data collections to protect your privacy.


When you choose to use any of B-Concept ‘s channels, products or services, we collect the information that you submit. Submission can be, for example, the data provided through our contact or comment forms or when using our channels, such as our websites, web shops, and other services such as online promotions, events and promotions, competitions, loyalty programs and listings, submissions in our channels, including this website, Thailand Event Guide. Your privacy is important to us.


Collecting data helps us to promote our products and services. We collect insight from the pages that you visit and the actions that you take for a better understanding of your interests and to serve the best suitable advertisements and other relevant content to our users as well as sell the best advertising spots to our advertisers. The majority of our digital products are advertising driven and revenues collected as such. In all these steps, your privacy will be protected.


Thailand Event Guide is an Event Listing and Event Marketing Website for things to do and events in Thailand.  We offer organisers the chance to list their business and advertise their coupons, deals and events on Thailand Event Guide. Consumers can select art, tickets, cultural, dining, entertainment, nightlife and social activities.

Privacy and General Data Protection (GDPR). Thailand Event Guide

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Thailand Event Guide


Your Privacy When Using Our Services

It is Thailand Event Guide intention to provide viewers with the latest Thailand events as well as update them on lifestyle and entertainment news as it unfolds. Thailand Event Guide is part of B-Concept Media Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Experience Company. The company manages, produces, distributes and analyses content. | @bconceptgroup. Contact admin [at] bconceptgroup[dot] com in case of any concerns that you may have when using the website or any other B-Concept channel as part of the platform.



The website Thailand Event Guide offers services to event organisers who plan to organise an event in Thailand whereas Thailand Event Guide provides business, deal and event listings, advertising and marketing solutions that assist organisers in building awareness under the public. Thailand Event Guide publishes complimentary or paid listings. Events can be linked to any external ticketing provider to sell tickets. The Thailand Event Organiser can make separate agreements with the ticket seller.


Privacy and SSL

Thailand Event Guide uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) certificates which establishes an encrypted link between our servers and your browser. The SSL certificate secures that the data between your browser and our servers is encoded and remains confidential. Thailand Event Guide uses cookies on the website. You will be requested to accept the use of cookies the first time that you will access When obtaining the information on Thailand Event Guide and depending on your location, specific data may be stored on your device to save unnecessary download time the next time when you will visit Thailand Event Guide. The website stores some or all this information on the servers depending on your interaction with and based on the information that you provide.


Privacy and General Data Protection (GDPR). Thailand Event Guide

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Thailand Event Guide

You are not obliged to disclose your data when you purchase a product or service from us. You always have the choice whether you want to enter your info or not. However, to use some of our products and services, entering your information is required.


Your Privacy and Data Processing

Personal data might only apply on legal grounds when:

  • You give us consent to process your data in the cases of newsletter subscription, ticket purchasing, making a reservation or booking or payment through Thailand Event Guide or B-Concept products and services. You are aware that your personal data will be shared and stored on our servers. 
  • Thailand Event Guide or B-Concept doesn’t collect any data input from any third-party channels. For the misuse of any data that you voluntarily provide to the third, Thailand Event Guide or B-Concept cannot be held responsible.
  • We process your information when drafting, concluding or the execution of an agreement between you and Thailand Event Guide or B-Concept Media Entertainment Group requires the processing of your data.
  • Your data will then include your company name,  first and last names, tax identification number, registered office address, authorised and witness names and other necessary data to prepare the agreement for countersigning.
  • This data will then be stored in our customer relations management and finance systems and will be used solely for the agreement.
  • Emails might be used to send quotation, order confirmations, invoices and newsletters. In case of a financial transaction data also will be shared with our accounting service as well as with the revenue department.
  • Thailand Event Guide or B-Concept Media Entertainment Group may also process your data to the defence of any business interest or that of third-party benefits related to our business, products or services. Your interest, fundamental human right or freedom will always prevail and considered in advance before yours, third and our interests.
  • We are serious about your privacy rights and in case that you have any complaints, feel free to contact us. In case that there is no suitable solution your privacy laws are governed by the Law of Thailand.

Read also our disclaimer and copyright notice.


Would you prefer to contact us to receive an explanation? We are happy to explain what this all means for you. You can submit your request via the contact form.

Last updated: 27 October 2019 – Thailand Event Guide / Digital Success B-Concept Media Entertainment Group Co., Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand.