The following provides the terms and conditions of use for the purchase of tickets from B-Concept Media Entertainment Group Co., Ltd. or its channels, included but not limited to TixTaQ, EZY-Go, Thailand Event Guide and Gay Asia Traveler and will be referred in this document as the TICKET SHOP.

The Event Organiser is the legal or individual party who is responsible for the event, event outcome and refunds in the case of cancellation referred to as the EVENT ORGANISER.

B-Concept Media Entertainment Group Co., Ltd has the registered office address at AIA Sathorn Tower, 11/1 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand after this referred to as the “Ticket Seller”.

When you register on the ticket shop as a user after this referred to as TICKET BUYER, you accept the following terms and conditions for the use of the TICKET SHOP. To buy tickets, the Ticket Buyer must be 18 [EIGHTEEN) years or older.


1.1. B-CONCEPT facilitates ticketing services on behalf of event organisers who use the ticket seller’s technology and associated purchased services whereas the terms and conditions apply. 

1.2. Information shared in the ticket shop is from the event organiser. Ticket seller never can be held liable for any grammatical errors or incorrect information provided by the event organiser. The ticket seller is not responsible for changes made to the event venue, date, ticket types and ticket prices or any other event-related information that negatively affects the ticket buyer.

1.3. The Event organiser is the sole responsible party for a smooth running of the event. The Event organiser is solely responsible for deciding to cancel an event and handling of the cancellation to the ticket buyer.

1.4. Ticket buyer must comply with the order steps to purchase a ticket. Ticket seller requires personal information to deliver the ticket to the ticket buyer.

1.5. Ticket buyer confirms that the information provided to the ticket seller is correct, up to date and accurate.

1.6. Both the Event organiser and the ticket seller are entitled to cancel the selling steps in case of doubt exist about the accuracy of the information provided.




2.1. Ticket Buyer acknowledges and accepts that the ticket shop might have downtime or may be interrupted due to internal or external factors. The ticket seller will, nevertheless, make every effort to ensure constant website availability, but cannot be held liable.

2.2. Events related to maintenance, security, or capacity requirements and/or events beyond the control of the ticket seller, such as failure or disruptions in public networks may result in malfunctioning or temporary suspensions provided by the ticket shop.




3.1. If the ticket buyer decides to purchase one or more tickets, the ticket buyer agrees with the terms and conditions from the ticket seller in regards to the ticket shop and the details of, access to and the quality of the event provided by the event organiser.

3.2. The Ticket Seller is the only point of contact for the ticket buyer during the ticket selling process.

3.3. The ticket buyer agrees that additional terms and conditions from the event organiser apply extra to the terms and conditions from the ticket seller. In the case, that different terms and conditions apply, the ticket seller publishes these conditions.

3.4. Ticket seller is not responsible for the terms and conditions from the event organiser and will not accept any liability related to these terms and conditions.

3.5. Ticket seller will not accept any discussion or bear any risk or agrees with any changes related to the ticket seller’s terms and conditions.

3.6. Ticket seller will not be responsible for any risks for the event organiser’s actions or insolvency.

3.7. Ticket seller distributes tickets as e-ticket in PDF format. Ticket buyer must print the ticket and show as an admission ticket. Ticket buyer must print QR and Barcodes clearly and visible. The ticket seller or the event will scan the ticket and provide entrance permission at the door. The ticket seller can decline entrance in case of any doubt.

3.8. Authenticity of the e-ticket can only be guaranteed when purchased in the ticket shop. The ticket buyer should remain cautious when secondary market places or third-parties sell tickets in front of the gate or the streets.

3.9. The ticket seller does not accept any responsibility if the ticket buyer makes any mistakes, such as the wrong number of tickets or choosing the false event,  during the order process.

3.10. Any communication or notifications or updates between the ticket buyer and the ticket seller takes place through the registered email address.




4.1. Ticket buyer can choose between one or multiple ticket types from one event.

4.2. After ticket buyer decides to click on GET TICKETS, and the ticket buyer automatically accepts the terms and conditions the ticket buying agreement between the ticket buyer and ticket seller shall become effective after the ticket seller confirms the ticket purchase.

4.3. Ticket buyer is responsible for ticket payments even when the ticket buyer purchases tickets on behalf of a third party.

4.4. Ticket buyer agrees that every ticket order is binding after ticket seller distributes the order confirmation for the ticket(s) ordered. Ticket buyer agrees to pay for tickets after ordering.

4.5. It is forbidden for the ticket buyer to commercialise or to resell or to transfer tickets to a third party. Ticket buyer shall take legal responsibility for any consequences from reselling tickets. The ticket seller is under no circumstance liable.




5.1. Ticket Seller offers standard payment options during the ticket selling process and may vary from event to event. Ticket buyer cannot request additional payment options from the ticket seller.

5.2. Ticket buyer agrees to pay for the full ticket amount plus additional booking and payment fees in case of cash or bank transfers. Charges can not be deducted from the ticket price unless otherwise have been instructed. In the case that the ticket buyer pays less than the ticket fees plus booking and payment fees, Ticket Seller is entitled to hold ticket released until the Ticket seller receives the full payment.

5.3. Ticket Buyer agrees to state the full name and address details,  event name and ticket volume during a bank transfer. The ticket seller releases the ticket after payment gets confirmed.

5.4. The Ticket seller is not liable for any delay when ticket buyer has proved incomplete or inaccurate information.

5.5. Ticket seller is not responsible for rejection of any payment method including and not limited to credit card, wallet, counter or bank channel payment.




6.1. Tickets are not returnable and not refundable. Cancelling an order and ticket exchange is only possible when the event organiser agrees to cancel the ticket for a specific limited reason and refunds the ticket buyer.

6.2 If the event organiser decides to cancel the event because of external factors, such as government mandates, an act of God, riots, weather conditions, epidemics or a decline in ticket sales, the ticket seller and the event organiser will agree on refund terms.

6.3. Ticket buyer can only then request a refund from the respective event organiser whereas ticket seller will liaise between ticket buyer, event organiser and merchants.

6.4. The ticket seller will not be liable for any payments, ticket refunds, disputes and chargebacks and will only act on behalf of the event organiser’s decision related to this.

6.5. The Ticket Buyer acknowledges that this refund obligation only applies to the event organiser and that the ticket seller, being the mere provider of the platform, has no liability in this respect.

6.6. The ticket seller will deduct booking and cancellation fees from the total refund amount less tax and payment fees.

6.7. The ticket seller will not charge any booking fees in the case that the event organiser cancels the event.




7.1. The Ticket seller collects, uses and process personal data from the ticket buyer and processes and distributes any purchased tickets.  Data collected includes the name and address as well as various usage data, such as the ticket buyer’s bank account, username, password, and IP address.

7.2. The ticket seller strictly processes the ticket buyer’s data according to the ticket seller’s privacy policy which the ticket buyer approves at the time of ticket purchasing.

7.3. If ticket buyer purchases tickets on behalf of a third party, the Ticket Buyer acknowledges that the third party has granted permission to process the third party’s data as provided in these terms and conditions.

7.4. Ticket buyer agrees that any information shared in the platforms and ticket shop, whether it is text, images, illustrations, or videos are the intellectual property from the ticket seller or the event organiser.

7.5. Distribution, reproduction, sales or exploitation of these materials are prohibited.

7.6. The Ticket seller handles any data with care for the ticket buyer. The ticket seller will comply with all applicable security laws and data protection laws.

7.7. The ticket seller shall not disclose the user’s data to a third party without the user’s authorisation.

7.8. Ticket buyer may report any user activity that is breaching or violating applicable laws or these terms and conditions, by using the contact form in the ticket shop.

7.9. Ticket seller stores private information on the ticket seller’s servers after the ticket buyer shares any data or registers a password-protected account in the ticket shop.

7.10. Ticket buyer can use the account to check any purchases through the ticket shop and agrees to keep his/her password safe and secret at all time and shall not disclose the password to a third-party.

7.11. Ticket buyer agrees to share his / her correct identity. Ticket seller can not tell with absolute certainty if the ticket buyer is the user who claims to be but acts in good faith.

7.12 Ticket buyer is responsible for the actions of any user and with who the ticket buyer shares his / her account or password.




8.1. Should one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become wholly or partially invalid or void, the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall remain fully in force.

8.2. Any ticket purchase is only applicable in the country where the event takes place, and the applicable laws within Thailand shall govern any contractual relationship between the ticket seller and the event organiser as well as the ticket buyer and ticket seller.