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Questions and answers about travel Thailand.

How to go to Bitec?

You can easily get from Bangkok centre to Bitec. The fastest way is with the BTS Skytrain which will take up to 30 minutes depending where you are. Step out at Bangna Station and from there walk over the bridge into BITEC

How much is the Bus in Bangkok?

There are non-aircon and airconditioned buses in Bangkok. Prices depend on distance and comfort. In average a non-aircon bus costs 6-9 baht while an airconditioned bus costs 12 baht and more.  

What is a Tuk Tuk in Thailand?

A Tuk Tuk is a comfortable way of transport throughout Thailand. Each city has its type of tuk-tuk. In Phuket, you will find small Daihatsu vehicles while in the north you might sit in a classic kind. The tuk-tuk is a motorised version of the bicycle rickshaw. Drivers usually take drivers around to tourist spots. It is essential to agree on the price and the destination before you take the ride.

Easter is a Christian Holiday. Christians celebrate Easter in April. Thailand is in the majority a Buddhist Country. Second religion is Muslim, and a small minority is Christian. More people find Christianity interesting to see answers, especially when it comes to after-death. Easter is officially not a holiday. You might find some celebration in the local church and international hotels. 

Is it easy to travel around Bangkok?

It is convenient to travel around Bangkok despite the heat. The common way to move around quickly is with the BTS (Sky Train) which will bring you to the most common areas around Bangkok. When you plan to move further, there are buses, minivan and taxies. Be aware of heavy traffic usually from 7-10 AM and 3PM-8PM.

How is the bus transportation between cities in Thailand?

Transportation in Thailand is excellent. Sometimes the bus system works even better than most countries in Asia. There are line buses between the different cities with regular departure times. Price ranges depending on distance and comfort.

How much costs a taxi in Bangkok?

Taxi's in Bangkok are usually not expensive. The departure rate is 35 Baht which is a little more than one US dollar. You can comfortably travel around for 60 - 100 Baht when there is no traffic. From Bangkok centre - Suvarnabhumi airport usually costs around 300-350 baht.  The risk lies in the integrity of the taxi driver. There are some who are proud of their city and would love to show it to you. There is where the meter rises. 

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