This Is The Exclusive Art Galleries List

Bangkok isn’t precisely globally known for its modern Art scene. While the city has always had great aesthetical traditions, with lots of ancient art and artistic Buddhist images and icons spread throughout the city, the modern art scene has been somewhat lacking. That is until now.

The Bangkok scene is booming today, with budding artists flocking to the capital from all over Thailand and beyond, looking to get their work into some of the many great Bangkok art spaces you’ll find in the city. From creative coffee shops to massive mall halls, you’ll find lots of Bangkok art galleries if you know where to look.


We see many different influences coming out of Bangkok in recent times have taken the artistry scene to the next level of consciousness.


This Is The Most Comprehensive List of Art Galleries that will not only shake your world but make you question the essence of what it means to be creative:

H Gallery – Contemporary Art Galleries


Set in a jaw-dropping 125-year old colonial style mansion in Bangkok, the H-gallery is owned by American, H Ernest Lee, and has been a mainstay of the Bangkok contemporary scene since 2002. The gallery showcases work from local Thai and Asian artists, with a particular emphasis on textiles, painting and photography, this Bangkok art gallery is run by the Irish-born curator Brian Curtain, who is a specialist and has been published in a litany of culture magazines such as Frieze. When you want to view the most exciting pieces of contemporary in Bangkok, we all go to the H-Gallery.



Warp 54 is the creation of modern pop artist Christian Develter, this large teakwood warehouse is a centre for cool pop art. As well as hosting lots of fascinating and playful pieces by the resident Belgium artists, it is also the venue for some very creative and inspiring events and exhibitions, and an excellent spot for alternative parties and party events.




A favourite burger restaurant in the city’s Old Town, Chomp has also developed into a popular art venue, with regular exhibitions and installations celebrating the best local talent. The building is a work itself, with very fresh and nostalgia-inspiring rustic interior and a creative menu of sandwiches and cocktails. This really is the place to go to feed your mind, body, and soul.

Kathmandu Photo Gallery – Bangkok

Owned and run by photographer, Manit Sriwanichpoom. Sriwanichpoom, this legendary contemporary Bangkok gallery is home to some of the most exquisite black and white photo exhibitions that really do showcase reality from an entirely different perspective. Here you will find a vast host of current and contemporary presentations from local and international photographers that really do bring this quint and modern space to the forefront of the Bangkok art scene.


Toot Young Gallery – Bangkok Art Galleries

Toot Gallery Bangkok | Thailand Event Guide


The Toot Yung Gallery is probably one of the most critical Bangkok galleries for the local scene. Not only does it showcase contemporary works from lots of local artists, but is also a prominent place for international artists or art-lovers moving to the city that wants to get acquainted with the Bangkok art scene. Showcasing an eclectic selection of mixed media, performing arts, live music, new media and all forms of appreciation, if you want to get a deep insight in local art, the Toot Gallery Bangkok is the ultimate venue.

Dot Art + Suites

Dot Art + Suites is a Bangkok gallery dedicated to design and architecture. It was built by father and son team and is primarily used to display their own unique collection of furniture, ceramics, and wood carvings, though they allow visiting artists to put on exhibitions and present unique pieces of work. It’s also a tiny but cool boutique hotel, with 2 very cool rooms available for around 2,000 Baht per night.


Most of these galleries are also contemporary spaces that can be used for private events or exhibitions. The area combined create an ambience that is slightly different from the usual ballrooms where events usually take place. Click on the links to visit the websites of the galleries and find out more!