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Questions and answers about Thailand.

What is the Average Temperature in Thailand?

The average temperature depends on the season but fluctuates between 32-36 degrees Celcius. It might get hotter or colder sometimes. In 2018 we had more cooling periods with temperatures dropping to 22 - 26 degrees. That is cold and usually unknown for Thailand.  

Is using drugs legal in Thailand?

Not. Be aware of this. Too many times party goers and travellers try to purchase drugs when they come here. Wrong! Never forget that in Thailand the possession and use of drugs are strictly forbidden that can let you end up in prison for a long time which is not worth the party.

Is Gambling Permitted in Thailand?

Nope. Gambling in Thailand is forbidden. Don't get tempted as you might up in prison. Even some expat retirees who played bridge were caught and had to undergo severe questioning. The Thai police released them on bail. Members had broken the playing cards act, a law from 1935. Do not get there as it gets you in challenging situations. 

What are the Clubs and Bars Opening and Closing Times?

Opening and Closing times in Thailand compared to other countries have been restricted. Bars usually close at midnight. There might be exceptions when they have a license. Clubs typically close around 2 AM. 

Can You Buy Alcohol in Thailand during the Day?

It is forbidden to consume alcohol during the day. You can buy alcohol from 5 PM onwards. There are always ways around it. It might be more flexible in the tourist cities and in hotels. Know that when you walk drinking alcohol in the streets that this is against the law and is offensive to Thai people.

How Is Living in Thailand?

Thailand is probably one of the best countries to live as long as you have enough savings and do not depend on local income. Create a local salary for foreigners is a challenge unless you have a business idea or speciality that Thai people miss.

Thailand has lots of restrictions for foreigners to work and make a decent living here. There are just a few success stories of foreign entrepreneurs who build a successful business in Thailand.

How to go to Bitec?

You can easily get from Bangkok centre to Bitec. The fastest way is with the BTS Skytrain which will take up to 30 minutes depending where you are. Step out at Bangna Station and from there walk over the bridge into BITEC

How much costs the Skytrain or BTS in Bangkok?

The BTS, in Thai, pronounce Rot Fai Fa, or Sky Train is the most comfortable way of travelling around busiest locations in Bangkok. The BTS reaches almost every major hotspot or tourism destination in Bangkok. Taking the BTS saves you a lot of time especially during traffic times. The most people use the BTS between 7-9 AM and 5PM-8PM. The BTS costs up to 62 baht (app. US$ 2.00), but depends on distance.  

Where are the best Pool Parties in Bangkok?

Pool parties have seen enormous growth over the last few years. Most hotels have copied the concept to cash in on this widespread phenomenon. There are only thee parties which have earned reputation and taken off  in the Thai pool party market, which are:

  • Sofitel So is one of the best viewed and visited pool parties in town and where the HISO audience goes. 
  • Westin is the one to watch and be seen at the monthly pool parties taking place. 
  • W Hotels is one of the eyeopening pool parties in town and worth your visit.

These are probably the best pool parties in town and worth a visit during your weekend. 

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