Fem Film Festival is a mini film festival will take place at the cozy Bangkok Screening Room this March, in celebration of female empowerment and International Women’s Day.


The festival will screen ten movies, some showing for the first time with Thai subtitles. The Fem Film festival is aimed to be a central voice, rooting for equality, recognition of the female creative and a celebration of womanhood around the world. GET INVOLVED GIRLS!


Film, Art, Talks and an Added Dose of Partying at Fem Film Festival


Time to rally up the troops of girl bosses and celebrate women at this inspiring event in central Bangkok. The festival is organized by CONVERSE x BKKSR and will take place between 5-10 March. Bangkok Screening Room will play host to the inaugural Fem Film festival and invites everybody to attend and celebrate the power of female force. The festival hopes to encourage changes in perspective and build a real platform to ensure all women enjoy equal standing in today’s society.


International Women’s Day 2019. Thailand Event Guide

Fem Film Fest with Thelma and Louise. Thailand Event Guide


Fem Film Festival Is An Inspiring Collection of Stories Through the Medium of Film


The festival will bring to life the incredible stories of women who have lived to inspire in the face of struggled acceptance, failure and carving success in various fields. The films will bring moving and empowering inspiration through first-hand stories of female achievements in a variety of areas and industries. Enjoy incredible stories regarding music, politics, obstacle battles, friendship and love, all through the eyes of incredible women. None of the movies is exclusive to any gender, and everybody is welcome and encouraged at this event that celebrates the power of the female, all over the world.



Ten Screenings and Inspirational Talks


The festival will showcase 10 films, most showing for the first time with Thai subtitles and created exclusively for the festival. The film program will explore both the struggles and achievements of women while being a voice for equality and enforcing womanhood around the world. The films lined up for the festival are The Craft, Silvana, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Matangi/Maya/M.I.A, Thelma & Louise, Soufra, Madeline’s Madeline, Half the Picture, I Am Not a Witch and Muen and Ridd. The festival will also include an exclusive talk with Lakana Panvichai (Kham Phaka) who is a well-known feminist, social critic and author.


A selection of special guests is also lined up for the festival, with an announcement to follow later of additional guests and speakers.


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