Combining a full day’s itinerary of Thailand workshops and shared creative spaces to flaunt the power, ability and entrepreneurship of Women indeed is this women festival.

Asia’s first women festival is a celebration of females from all backgrounds and consists of different workshops and events taking place throughout the day.

Asia’s Women Festival in Chiang Mai

The festival ends with music and DJs with singing and dancing being greatly encouraged. Open to men, women, boys and girls of all ages, the event is a beautiful commemoration of females everywhere, and a warm invitation is extended to everybody (regardless of gender!) to join in.

Women Festival: Empower Women, Empower Life

Empowering women is our “why” in life. It’s why we wake up in the morning, and it’s the last thing we think about when we fall asleep at night. This is because we know what it feels like to lack the tools and support to go after the things we wanted in life.”

The event prides itself on being an open and safe platform where people are encouraged to share something close to their hearts. Female-led workshops on the day include Female entrepreneurship, business masterminds, singing tents, yoga, music and dance. Oh, and of course, glitter, lots of glitters.

Empowerment, workshops and music during the women festival in Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide

Empowerment, workshops and music during the women festival in Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide

Women Festival: Celebrate Women Life and Empowerment

Organizers hope the festival will have a considerable impact not only on the women who attend but also those who just hear about the event’s existence. They expect the happening will make it the new ‘normal’ to celebrate women and their achievements; going from using one day a year to mark their power to honor them on a daily basis.

Women are encouraged to be as involved as possible on the day with workshop applications and guest speaking places still open to applicants. Get involved!

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