Circuit Festival is the world’s largest international gay festival of unimaginable proportions and returns to Pattaya, Thailand. The Gay Festival occurs in different favourite hotspots worldwide, including Barcelona, Spain; Miami, US and returning to Pattaya, Thailand. 


‘Circuit Festival Asia returns to Thailand after its mega launch party and festival after it debuted in 2018 and its fourth edition of gay spirit. The huge LGBT music festival consists of 4 massive events with a world-class guestlist, attracting crowds from across Asia and beyond! Circuit Festival is Asia’s premier gay beach party, showcasing the hottest international DJs on the music scene. Attracting thousands of Circuit partygoers for the funniest gay dance festival that brings together hot guys from all over Asia in Pattaya. Get ready to have the hottest and wettest time of your life! Circuit Festival Asia is highly recommended for gay events in Thailand and will take place in 2023.

Kick-Ass Circuit Festival Pattaya


The Circuit Festival is Asia’s newest dance festival, produced by two of Asia’s most prominent promoters and party planners. White Party Bangkok with Circuit Festival Barcelona joins hands for the return of a massive 3-days beach party in Thailand’s Party capital of Pattaya.


The host venue is The Zine Pattaya. The program is not available at the time of writing and will be announced later.


Circuit Festival With Love from Pattaya, Thailand


The gay festival is synonymous with ‘The World’s Biggest Gay Beach Party’. The weekend is a massive mashup of integrated events, DJs and exclusive parties, split into four critical events over the incredible weekend.


Circuit Festival with Lots of Beers, Meat, Beats and Handsome Boys


The music festival in Pattaya will hit Pattaya beach at the Zine Pattaya. Guests can keep an eye on the website for the lineup and event details.


Pattaya is one of Asia’s largest seaside resort cities and one of the most visited areas in Thailand. Pattaya is located on the Eastern Gulf Coast of Thailand and is just a short 2-hours drive from Bangkok. The party capital is famous for its nightlife, lively go-go bars, and cabaret shows and boasts a thriving gay scene and LGBT community in central Thailand.


The schedule is diverse and covers different events; we wait to share the information as soon as possible. The party is announced of epic proportions, this time in Pattaya as the ultimate party destination in Thailand.


Circuit Festival in Three Countries Around The World

The promoters of the White Party in Bangkok co-promote, in conjunction with the Matinee Group from Barcelona, the Circuit Festival in Pattaya.

Barcelona’s nightlife promoter Matinee Group created the concept for the Circuit Festival. The Company was born more than twenty years ago. The party event was born in 2008. After that, the organisation produced and presented events in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company owns a radio show, a record label and a streetwear brand.

The concept changed the nightlife scene forever, partying people around the weekend and transforming Barcelona into the gay capital during the Summer.

Circuit Festival the ultimate mind-blowing choice for gays. Thailand Event Guide

The largest gay franchise from Barcelona will arrive in Pattaya, Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

Fabulous Circuit Festival Experience


With the best music on earth, fabulous people from around the world and enough time to make new friends, this LGBTQ Pattaya music festival is at its best celebrating cultural diversity and combining the perfect elements of nature, such as open-air, beach and beautiful places. Most importantly, the music festival makes your dreams come true.


In Barcelona, the festival lasts 11 days and has 16 mind-blowing events. With four parties in Pattaya, it is an excellent start for the future. 


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