Top-5 Trending Netflix Thailand Picks for February 2021

Here we have the top-5 trending Netflix Thailand picks for the end of January and February 2021. It’s been a very inactive month if you are located in one of the major lockdown areas in Thailand. But thank god we have Netflix to help us through troubled times.


Are you looking for some of the newest and most popular trending Netflix Thailand picks for Feb? If so, here are the top-5 ranked by Netflix Thailand at this moment.

#1 – The Uncanny Counter – Netflix Thailand Series

Trending Netflix Thailand - The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter is a trending Netflix Thailand series

The Uncanny Counter is currently in the #1 position for trending Netflix Thailand picks for Feb 2021. The show is an Asian (Korean) action-comedy series that is currently in the first season. The main premise of the story is some noodle shop employees in the day, who become demon hunters by night. They use special abilities to track down demons and other ghosts that prey on humans. There are 16 episodes available of the first season to get your teeth into. Watch The Uncanny Counter.


#2 – Fate: The Winx Saga – Trending Netflix Thailand Series

Fate: The Winx Saga is a new series that is currently in its first season. It’s spent time at #1 on the Netflix Thailand trending list but is now in #2 place. The series is about a group of teens who study supernatural things at a magical boarding school. The show is about their rivalries, romances, and adventures. If you are now a grown-up Harry Potter fan, this series is perfect for you. There are currently 6 episodes from Season 1 available. So if you are looking for a new show to follow, this one has a growing reputation.


#3 – My Goo!! Father – Trending Netflix Thailand Movie

My Goo!! Father is a Thai movie that is currently well-positioned for trending Netflix Thailand movies. It’s actually the highest trending movie on Netflix Thailand at the moment. The film follows a racer who lands himself in trouble with a near-accident. And this helps him see things from his father’s perspective for once in his life. The show is funny and action-packed, like most Thailand movies.


#4 – 18 Again – Netflix Series

18 Agan - Trending Netflix Thailand Series

18 Again is a Korean romantic drama series that is very popular

18 Again is a romantic Korean drama series that is currently in its first season. There are 16 one hour episodes currently available on Netflix. It’s more aimed towards teenagers and women, but if you like romantic dramas, this is perfect for you… or your wife.


#5 – Deaw #12 Stand Up Comedy Show

Are you looking for something a bit different from the norm? How about a stand-up comedy show? How about the Deaw #12 Stand Up Comedy Show? Netflix is home to the best stand-up comedy shows in the world. And there are not many Thai stand-up comedians as famous or as accomplished as Udom Taephanich. The show is over 3 hours long and covers all manner of subjects such as relationships and pop culture. If you want to watch a Thai stand-up comedy show, this is ranked high on trending Netflix Thailand picks for Feb.


We hope you can find some real gems amongst these recommendations to keep you busy as the lockdown ends. You can click here to see some other recommendations for Netflix Thailand.