Disney Confirm New Indiana Jones Movie Starring Harrison Ford

Disney has finally confirmed the new Indiana Jones movie. And it will star Harrison Ford once again in his iconic role as the explorer and artifact stealer Indy.


Let’s be honest. Any Indiana Jones movie without Harrison Ford in the lead role would not be welcomed by movie fans. It would be sacrilegious. It would be like making Ghostbusters with a female crew. Ooops, they already did that one!


New Indiana Jones Movie to be Made

New Indiana Jones Movie Released Next Year

The next Indiana Jones film with Harrison Ford has been announced

Did you know that it’s 41 years since Indiana Jones first hit our screens with the instance action-movie classy, Raiders of the Lost Ark? Four decades later and several movies later, the franchise is once again stood at the precipice of another movie.


CNN Entertainment has reported that Disney has made it official. And the new movie will star Harrison Ford, as it should.


A Tweet from Disney on Friday said that “Indy himself, Harrison Ford, will be back to continue this iconic character’s role.”


New Indiana Jones Movie Release Date July 2022

New Indiana Jones Movie for 2022

The new Indiana Jones movie is very exciting for movie goers

The tweet also states that director James Mangold will be at the helm for the movie. Which is great news for everyone. Although the name of the next installment of the movie is yet to be announced, Disney did say that it’s currently in the pre-production phase and the release date is planned for July 2022.


The rumor of a new movie has been rife for several months. CNN reports that Harrison Ford told TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres back in February 2020 that plans were in the pipeline. And now we know that’s true. With Ford getting on in age, we didn’t know if we would see another segment of the Indiana Jones Franchise.


Indiana Jones Coming Back to Screens

The last movie was The Crystal Skulls, which was now way back in 2008. And that came 20 years after the previous movie, The Last Crusade, previously starring recently deceased Sean Connery as Indy’s dad.


Harrison Ford is quite possibly one of the most iconic actors of the past 50 years. His roles as Indiana Jones, and as Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise have made Ford one the most recognizable movie stars ever. And his acting is always fun and cheeky to watch,


We will have to wait 18 months until we can check out the new Indiana Jones movie. But by all reports, everyone is excited and ready to go. Let’s get that whip cracking again Indy!