5 Best Netflix Thailand Drama Series of 2020

Finding the best Netflix Thailand drama series is just as important as finding the best movies. The world of TV and films is changing. TV series are the new movies of today. A TV series allows more focus on longer storylines and character development over several seasons.


But which Netflix Thailand drama series has made big news in 2020? Here are some of the best, just in case you have been missing out on the fun.


#1- Better Call Saul – Best Netflix Thailand Drama Series

Better Call Saul - Netflix Thailand Drama Series

Better Call Saul is one of the most popular Netflix Thailand drama series

If you are a fan of the Breaking Bad franchise and world, Better Call Saul is already compulsive viewing. The show is now 5 seasons deep and is becoming the best Netflix Thailand drama series. The show follows the exploits of ‘criminal’ lawyer Jimmy McGill as he turns into Saul Goodman. The show is simply epic.


You can see Better Call Saul now on Netflix Thailand


#2 – Stranger Things – Sci-Fi Netflix Series

Are you a sci-fi fan? One of the fastest-growing Netflix drama series in 2020 has been Stranger Things. The show has grown in epic proportions this year and currently in its third season. The show is creepy, chilling, fun, and scary in parts. The story is based in a small American town that has some strange things happening. Sci-fi fans love it. And it’s also the perfect drama show to watch as a family.


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#3- Ozark – Best Netflix Thailand Drama

Ozark on Netflix Thailand Drama

Ozark is currently one of the most exciting TV series in the world

Some people believe that Ozark is the natural successor to Breaking Bad. It certainly is dramatic, and dangerous in copious amounts. If you are looking for a high-octane, action-packed drama series that keeps you on the edge of your seat, we recommend that you start watching Ozark.


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#4 – Black Mirror – Unique TV Series on Netflix

Black Mirror is quite possibly one of the most unique and strangest drama shows ever aired. This stunning sci-fi anthology series is easily one of the best Netflix Thailand drama series of 2020. This is a British drama series that offers something completely different from the norm.


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#5 – House of Cards – Netflix Thailand Original Series

Enter the murky world of US politics with the amazing House of Cards drama series. The show follows the lead character, Clare Underwood takes over as President of the United States. She has a steep learning curve to fully understand just how corrupt politics is. And how difficult it is for a woman in that position.


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Are you looking for the best Netflix Thailand drama series of 2020? If so, we have five of the best for your perusal. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do. There is so much choice, which is why we have narrowed down your options to the most popular in the eye of Netflix users.