Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather Fight is ‘Postponed’ Not ‘Cancelled’

The Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather boxing exhibition bout has only been postponed. And not canceled, as was previously being reported. And it seems that not so many people are bothered either way.


We live in a time where it’s easier to organize a boxing match between a YouTuber and a retired boxer than it is to get the best fighters in the world to fight each other. Maybe that’s why American fight fans are moving away from boxing to UFC and MMA. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather Canceled - Youtube Boxing

The Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather boxing exhibition has been postponed not canceled

Will Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather Happen?

This fight being postponed or canceled is probably good news for boxing fans who were against Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather from the get-go. The news originally surfaced a few days ago when the internet was reporting that the fight was canceled due to a lack of interest. But it now seems like the fight has just been postponed to later in the year when live audiences will be allowed back into venues.


That’s the current word on the street. The fight has been postponed to an unspecified date later in the year. Logan Paul even took to his YouTube channel to tell his fans about the postponement by saying:


“The Mayweather fight is pushed [back] which I am completely OK with it. The fight’s still happening. We want to have a packed arena somewhere and then the business side of things, we have to iron them out.”

Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather Bout Caceled

The exhibition fight between Paul and Mayweather will not apparently take place later in 2021

Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather Cancelled for Lack of Interest?

Although the words coming out of Paul’s mouth seem to make sense, they might not tell the full story. The truth is that very few people are interested in watching a YouTuber fight a retired boxer who would not beat the current batch of boxers in his division. It’s purely a money grab for the Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather fight.


When Logan Paul fought KSI in the first-ever major YouTube celebrity boxing bout, it was evenly matched because they were YouTube content creators, not boxers. And even when Floyd boxed UFC star Conor MacGregor, it was still an interesting concept and sparked people’s interest. But a YouTuber against a real boxer? Even if he is a retired one? Not cool. And definitely not good for boxing in general. The fight was always a freak show circus type of thing and the lack of interest was deafening.

Will The Fight Happen in 2021?

So that begs the question. Is the Logan Paul V Floyd Mayweather fight really postponed instead of canceled? Or is it just a face-saving exercise because the projected viewing numbers and interest were so low? Probably the latter. Hopefully the latter. Because this move by Floyd brings the sport of boxing into disrepute. But what can we expect from a man with the moniker of ‘money’?


Would you watch the fight? More precisely, would you pay money to watch the fight online? Me neither. Make a stand by keeping your money away from these speculative cash-grabbers.

News Source: CBS Sports