Top-5 New Netflix Thailand Movies for February 2021

Did you know that there are many new Netflix Thailand movies showcased on the platform every month? The streaming giants continually upload new movies and shows on virtually a daily basis. It keeps everything fresh and gives consumers a reason to come back every month.


But what are some of the new Netflix Thailand movies that are now available in February 2021? Here are the top 5 choices. And although we are not talking about ‘new movies’, they are new to Netflix.


#1 – Wild Wild West – Netflix Thailand Movies Feb 2021

New Netflix Movies for February 2021

Wild Wild West is one of the new Netflix Thailand movies for this month

How is it possible that Will Smith can star in a ‘western’ and pull it off in grand fashion? Because he’s Will Smith god damn it! Wild Wild West might not be The Good, Bad and the Ugly, or even Maverick for that matter, but it is a fun and family-friendly action movie based in Cowboy times. If you are looking for a fun and uncomplicated movie to watch with your family, this is one of the new Netflix Thailand movies for February.


#2 – Donnie Brasco – Award-Winning Mafia Movie

You already know that we are a fan of mafia movies at the Thailand Event Guide. But one of the most interesting gangster flicks is Donnie Brasco. And it’s based on a true story that is apparently very close to the actual movies. The film stars Al Pacino as ‘Lefty’ and Johnny Depp as Donnie Brasco. It’s a quality movie whether you like gangster films or not, and is making its debut on Netflix Thailand this month.


#3 – Hook – Netflix Thailand Movies 2021

Hook on Netflix Thailand Movies

Hook is a famous Robin Williams film that is now on Netflix Thailand

Hook is literally one of the best family movies from the 1990s. The movie was a retake on the Peter Pan story and starred the late comedian Robbie Williams in the role of Peter Pan. It’s a fun swashbuckling adventure of the highest order. And if you are a family with kids, this is easily one of the most highly recommended new Netflix Thailand movies that have been added this month to the streaming platform’s rotation.


#4 – I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer was a very popular movie in the 1990s and is still a great watch today. You can now catch it on Netflix Thailand in February. The film is a scary and suspenseful mystery movie that is essentially a revenge movie. If you are looking for something that keeps you on the edge of your seat for a couple of hours, this movie is a great choice.


#5 – XXX State of the Union – Staring Ice Cube

If you are looking for a fun yet slick action movie, XXX State of the Union is one of the new Netflix Thailand movies for this month. The film showcases the talents of rapper turned actor, Ice Cube, and the irrepressible Samuel L. Jackson. It really is loads of fun. And if you want to waste a couple of hours amidst gratuitous violence, this is the movie for you.


We hope you find time this month to check out these recommended new uploads to Netflix Thailand. We are lucky to have Netflix in Thailand for only 420 THB per month. You simply can’t go wrong!