Jim Carrey The Bruce Almighty Actor Retires

Jim Carrey, who played some cool Jim Carrey movies, such as Bruce Almighty, shared his plans to retire soon, he said in an interview with Access Hollywood. The actor would not rule out a very special acting job in advance but believes that he has done enough by now.


Sixty-year-old Carrey says he likes the quiet life he leads. “I enjoy the tranquillity, painting and my spiritual life,” said Carrey. “I have a feeling – and this is something you will never hear other celebrities say – that enough is enough.”


Jim Carrey plays in Bruce Almighty. Thailand Event Guide

Jim Carrey plays in Bruce Almighty. Thailand Event Guide


Carrey holds a small snag on his arm. “If angels show up and bring a script that’s written in gold ink and they say it’s very important for people to see this, I’d go on and on. But I’m going to need a break.”


This was his answer when asked if he would like to star in the Dolly Parton biopic, as the singer cites him as the actor who should play her musical partner Porter Wagoner. Carrey says that Parton can always call him.

The actor, who played some legendary comedic roles, broke through in the 1990s with big Jim Carrey movies such as Ace Ventura, The Mask and Dumb and Dumber. He later appeared in The Truman Show, Me, Myself & I, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Bruce Almighty, among others.


The actor won the Golden Globe for Best Actor for his role in the critically acclaimed The Truman Show.