First-Ever Bangkok Cannabis Café Opens in Thailand

The first-ever Bangkok cannabis café has opened. Which is fantastic news for those in the metropolis seeking CBD medicines and other products. The Thailand cannabis industry is finally starting to kick into gear and who knows where it could end. Complete legalization in the future?


The 420 Cannabis Bar Bangkok has opened its doors and has several products on offer. You can find CBD teas and snacks and other interesting CBD-infused drinks. However, it’s important to point out that cannabis with high levels of THC, which is the plant’s psychoactive part, is not allowed.

Bangkok Cannabis Cafe Opens in Thailand

The 420 Bangkok Cannabis Cafe has now opened in the city with its CBD infused products

Bangkok Cannabis Café Opens Doors for First Time

Thailand’s first-ever cannabis-powered establishment was in Prachinburi. However, the first-ever Bangkok cannabis café is making it easier to access for city dwellers. CBD-infused meals and all manner of CDB products are now available at the store. The decriminalization of the Thailand cannabis law allows certain elements of the plant to be used for products, but not really the bit that gets you high. Although that rule could even change in the future.


The 420 Cannabis Bar Bangkok first opened last week. The neon-lit interior has a few chairs and tables, but at the moment is in its early stages. Beverages containing cannabinoids are currently some of the most popular at the store.

New Bangkok Cannabis Cafe Thailand

The Thailand cannabis industry will grow from strength to strength in the coming years

Bangkok Cannabis Café and Thailand Weed Scene

It’s quite ironic how Thailand now has a more forward-thinking and sensible approach to medicinal cannabis than the UK, which is still living in the dark ages in many regards. However, the same stiff laws, fines, and sentences are still in place for standard cannabis that has a high THC content that gets you high. It’s important that we remember that and don’t get carried away.


This brand new Bangkok cannabis café was the idea of three friends… Nissin Prasara-ae, Yada Gomez, and Supattana Ayatipat. They get their source weed from a farm in Nakhon Ratchasima, and everything is above board and in line with the new laws and regulations of growing and product distribution.


A few examples of the weed-infused meal options are Baked Pot Leaf with Spinach & Cheese (140THB), CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies, and CBD Brownies, which will both cist 180 THB. There are a load of weed-infused food and drink options.

The Future of the Asian Cannabis Scene

Thailand now has the most welcoming and advanced cannabis laws in Asia. Could we be seeing the fledgling seeds of something that could grow into a monster? Thailand is now in a prime positioned to shape and dictate the SE-Asian cannabis industry.


For those of you interesting in the 420 Cannabis Café Bangkok, it’s located on Soi Premier 1 Yark 8 in Bangkok’s Prawet district near Paradise Park. The opening times are 10:30 am to 8 pm on Sunday through to Thursday, and from 10:30 am to 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are intrigued by the first-ever Bangkok cannabis café, we would recommend you go and look for yourself.