Discovering Thai Mythical Creatures

Do you want to know more about Thai mythical creatures? Who doesn’t love a bit of dragon and sea monster talk? Those who have visited Thailand many times or live here will inform you that Thai people are uber-superstitious. And they wholeheartedly believe in the spirit realm and put much credence into the numerous mythical creates that are a massive part of Thai culture, history, and legends.


When it comes to mythical creatures, Thailand has some of the most fascinating tall tales in the world. So sit back, don your proverbial conspiracy-theory tin-hat and enjoy the tales and traditions of Thai mythical creatures.


Naga Serpent – Thai Mythical Creatures

Thai Mythical Creatures

This is the Naga statue at Wat Phra Singh, Thailand.

The mythical serpent known as the ‘Naga’ is one of the most legendary Thai mythical creatures. This creature is known as a protector of Buddha and a guardian against bad/evil spirits. You will find depictions of this creature in many temples. They are used to decorate the walls of temples and especially staircases. You will see them in forms carved into roofs, doors, and windows.


One of the interesting things about the Naga is that many cultures across Asia believed that Naga-like beings were the first Royal families across the continent. Which will fuel the beliefs of those who buy into conspiracy-king David Icke’s notion that royal families across the world are shape-shifting reptilian lizard gods! That would explain a few things actually! But whatever you may think, the serpent images and gods are an intrinsic part of not just Thai culture, but right across the world.


The Kinnari

The Kinnari - Thailand Mythical Creatures

Kinnari is one of the most famous Thai mythical creatures from history

The Kinnari appears in the form of a half-woman and a half-bird. You will find some of these mythological figurines in small coves on the second level of the central prang at Wat Arun located beside the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. The Kinnari symbolizes beauty, grace, cultural accomplishment in singing and dancing. And it can be seen in many mural designs for Asian-style properties and more exclusively in temples throughout Thailand. This is one of the more popular and famous Thai mythical creatures.


Thai Mythical Creatures – The Garuda

Mythical Thai Creatures - The Garuda

The Garuda is one of the scariest mythical Thai creatures

Garuda is a large mythical bird-like creature. This creature is not only limited to Thai and Buddhist culture. But is also in Hindu myths and legends. Its shape takes the form of a half-man and half-bird, as some kind of hybrid creature. The Garuda’s origins were told in the ancient Indian epic, the Mahabharata. And can be seen as ferocious figureheads on the gun barge at the Royal Barge Museum in Bangkok and also across many temple complexes in both Thailand and India. This mythical Thai creature is an intrinsic part of Thai superstition and culture.


The Singha

The Singha - Mythical Thai Creature

Singha is perhaps one of the most famous creatures do to the Singha beer logo

The Singha is a Thai mythical creature that you might already relate to. As it represents the logo for the alcoholic beverage that many people enjoy to consume – Singha beer. The Singha takes on the appearance of a lion-like figure whose main job in life is to protect and guard the entrance of temples across the Kingdom. Large ones grace the entrances, while the smaller ones sit on gateposts.


Figuratively, it is the symbol of power, strength, courage, leadership, dignity, loyalty, perseverance and endurance. In fact, it is part of the Thai people’s everyday life. The Singha can come in many forms, both as pure breeds as well as half breeds. They are believed to be living in the Himmapan Forest, which is a place from the Thai-Indian Folklore. And is supposedly situated at the foot of the Himalayas.


Thai mythical creatures are part of everyday life in Thailand. They are a major part of superstition, culture, and history. Although they might seem ridiculous to the Western world, who knows if such hybrids lived in the past. It’s important to remember that a dragon is the only creature in the Chinese Horoscope chart that is no still alive! So who really knows want went down in history!