Best Bangkok Dining Areas

Which are the best Bangkok dining areas? Are you currently in the city and looking for food recommendations?


Thailand is predominantly known for its stunning and exciting Thai cuisine, which is one of the Kingdom’s biggest gifts to the world. However, if you are currently in Bangkok and want to explore its vast dining scene, the choice is simply astonishing. Bangkok is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in SE-Asia and is home to a vast plethora of restaurants serving every cuisine style from the four corners of the earth. Check out our delicious guide to the best Bangkok dining areas so you can explore the city’s gastronomic delights at your own time and pace.

Best Bangkok Dining

There are many fantastic Bangkok dining areas in the city

What food is available in the Best Bangkok Dining Areas?

When it comes to dining options in Bangkok, it’s like you have died and gone to culinary heaven. From immensely affordable roadside food vendors where you can buy everyday Thai dishes for as little as 30 THB ($1) to fast-food franchises, fine-dining establishments, and everything in between, the Bangkok dining scene has something for everyone.


You can find all the most popular cuisines styles in Bangkok such as Italian, Classic French, Indian food, Japanese teppanyaki, and sushi joints, Korean BBQs, and anything else you can imagine. However, where are the best Bangkok dining areas?


Upscale Silom Best Bangkok Dining Scene

One of the best areas in Bangkok for restaurants and eateries is in Silom. This area of Bangkok is considered upscale and is the city’s main financial district and the headquarters of many banking establishments. The concentration of top-notch restaurants in Silom is pretty impressive and unparalleled in the city. Some of the most famous and most highly recommended restaurants in the Silom area is the sumptuous Flavors seafood restaurant, The Lobby Lounge, the impressive Yao Restaurant, and Rooftop Bar, and the stunning French cuisine delights at Le Normandie. In terms of high-end and fine-dining, Silom is simply the best Bangkok dining area.

Best Bangkok Fine Dining

Bangkok is also home to some of the best fine dining restaurants

Cool Cuisine on Sukhumvit Road

One of the most popular areas for dining options in Bangkok is on Sukhumvit Road, which runs for a few blocks west of the Nana BTS Skytrain Station in the heart of the city. Sukhumvit really is foodie heaven. With a vast choice of international and local Thai restaurants, the choice is literally jaw-dropping.  Some of the best dining options on Sukhumvit Road include the tasty Thai cuisine at Bo Lan, the elegant Italian eatery called Enoteca, Cocotte Bangkok Farm Roast and Winery, the Long Table Restaurant, and Cabbages and Condoms. There is so much choice on Sukhumvit Road, so it’s important to know what you want because you could walk around in a culinary circle with so much choice.


Affordable Street Food on Khaosan Road

Although it’s great to enjoy a spot of fine-dining in upscale eateries while you are in Bangkok, it’s also important to know the more cost-effective dining areas in the city. Nowhere in Bangkok offers more value-for-money than the famous Khaosan Road. When you are dining on a budget and need affordability, Khaosan Road is the best dining area in Bangkok. The road is home to a vast choice of affordable food vendors that serve all manner of affordable Thai favorites such as Phad Thai for as little as 30 to 40 THB per dish.

However, Khaosan is home to more than just cheap Thai food options. The most popular Khaosan Road restaurants include May Kai Dee, the Roof Bar & Restaurant, the Nagoya Japanese Restaurant, Earw Thai Restaurant, and the Buddy Beer Wine Bar & Grill.


When it comes to delicious food options, Bangkok can compete with any developed city in the world and is quite possibly the coolest culinary epicentre in Asia. Areas such as Silon, Sukhumvit Road, and Khaosan Road are home to hundreds of eateries with a vast choice of cuisine styles and prices. If you are in desperate need of restaurant options in the city, start with those three best Bangkok dining areas and you will be happy, content, and full.