Things to Do in Pattaya Event Guide

One of the most notorious and exciting holiday destinations in Thailand is Pattaya. Known as the epicenter for nightlife in Thailand after Bangkok, this exuberant city by the sea is home to Walking Street, which has the highest concentration of bars and restaurants that you will find in SE-Asia. Not only is Pattaya City known for its nightlife and holiday lifestyle, but also as the perfect place for expats to reside with lots of events and things to see and do almost every night of the week.

Where is the fun in Pattaya?

Asking where the fun is in Pattaya is like asking where the milk is at a dairy. It’s everywhere you look, flowing like an unlimited stream of cream atop a delicious cake with so many calories that it could make you ill in large amounts but is nonetheless appetizing. Enough of the philosophizing and analogizing!

Although we know that Walking Street is the epicenter of the nightlife scene in Pattaya with more bars and nightclubs that would plunge the wildest nocturnal party animal into the realms of eternal Nirvana, Pattaya also enjoys a high-end atmosphere as well with many affluent expats that creates lots of 5-star Pattaya events, cocktail parties, launch parties and some of the city’s most exciting networking events such as Movers & Shakers.

From the hedonistic nights on Walking Street, Soi 7 and 8, and every soi in between, to the more laidback fun of Jomtien and even Naklua, fun is found in copious amounts in every nook and crevice in Pattaya City.

What is Pattaya all about?

Pattaya was mainly known for its beer bar and go-go bar scene, which was first initiated when Pattaya was a ‘rest and relaxation’ spot for the US military during the Vietnam War in the late 1960s. From that time in history, Pattaya has spiraled to the city we know and love today, although in this day and age, Pattaya is promoting a more wholesome family holiday image.

Pattaya Events & Festivals

There is always something happening in Pattaya. Whether it’s the international golf tournaments taking place at Siam Country Club, or the popular annual Pattaya Bike Show, a myriad of special dining evenings, art exhibitions and more, it has everything. There is a dining event taking place almost every day and night in Pattaya in top-notch eateries that really do appeal to the cuisine connoisseur within us. With real estate parties, networking evenings, pool parties and everything you can imagine, keep in contact with us to find the best ongoing events in Pattaya.

Art & Culture in Pattaya

Although Bangkok and Chiang Mai are known as the standard-bearers for arts and culture in Thailand, the city does have some cool art galleries and some of the most popular temples and Buddhist attractions such as the Sanctuary of Truth and the Buddha Mountain. The most visited and popular art gallery in Pattaya is ‘Art in Paradise’, popular for its stunning exhibition of 3D art displays that really does wow its visitors.

Pattaya Shopping Suggestions

The Pattaya shopping scene is similar to Bangkok with all the biggest international-style shopping malls you can imagine, but there is also another side to the city’s shopping scene that only expats and locals get to experience.

Every Friday and Saturday evening, get yourself along to the Thepprasit Road Weekend Market that is a real spectacular place to shop with everything from clothing and electronic items to food, drink and local handicrafts. Flanking the weekend market, you will also find a second-hand market, which really does offer a unique choice of goods.

Sports & Activities

Not only is this beach city the ultimate place to play golf in Thailand with 25 golf courses within a 45-minute drive from the city, the Pattaya Sports Scene in general offers almost everything you can imagine from extreme sports to everyday sporting activities such as football, tennis, pool, snooker and more. Major Muay Thai and Queensbury Rules boxing events take place every month in the city, most notably at the Max Muay Thai Stadium.

Some of the continent’s most important sporting events such as ATP Tennis and LPGA Golf tour dates have tournaments in the city annually, and with lots of other sports on offer, Pattaya is a sport-lover’s paradise both in terms of participation and events.