Beyonce Knowles Plans Asian Tour

Agents behind megastar Beyonce Knowles have confirmed to be working on an Asia tour. It is not clear where she will visit during her journey.  They plan the tour dates for July and August 2018. She will tour with a 39 people cast.

Beyonce Knowles Is All That You Wish.

You may call Beyonce Knowles a singer, dancer, entrepreneur, fashionista philanthropist or mother, we all can agree that she is the perfect wife. She recently won the Forbes List of the wealthiest woman in music in the world while keeps on growing in grace, beauty and charm. Her down-to-earth character and inventive ideas impress many folks around the world.

Beyonce Knowles Performs With Kelly Rowland and Latavia Roberson in Destiny’s Child.

Beyonce Knowles doesn’t need any introduction. Her stardom started to kick in when she and her cousins, Kelly Rowland and Latavia Roberson began to unfold as one of the best female groups of all time. Destiny’s Child is the baker mat for R&B music which draws in a couple of Grammys and sold a rough thirty-three million albums worldwide. After the girls took a break from all the hectic her celebrity status came after her role in Austin Powers’ Goldmember.

Beyonce promo pose, Thailand Event Guide

Beyonce Knowles on the Forbes List 2017

Beyonce is the Top Female Artist of the Decade.

She released her first solo album “Dangerously in Love” in 2003 and was a hit immediately with eleven million copies sold worldwide and five Grammy Awards. It topped the USA Billboard, UK album charts, Canadian Hot 100 as well as the European charts. Her rise to stardom didn’t stop here as we all know. Three years after her first album she released a second album called B’ Day. The record was not that impressive as the first one. It sold eight million albums worldwide and went platinum several times. Beyonce Knowles has released four more studio albums and four more live albums. Her most recent work debuted as the number one on the Billboard 200.

Besides her music career, Beyonce Knowles also has played some Hollywood movies including Dream Girls. Billboard named her the Top Female Artist and Top Radio Songs Artist of the 2000-decade.