Koh Lanta & Pimalai Resort: A Story of Sustainable Thailand Tourism

Sustainable Thailand tourism should always be an important part of any tourism growth in the Kingdom. The Thai tourism scene has flourished for decades. But it’s only over the past decade has sustainability become a hot topic. In many ways, Thailand has been slow to adapt to a sustainable and eco-friendly ethos, but times are thankfully changing.


Did you know that Koh Lanta has become Thailand’s most sustainable tourist destination? A concerted effort of eco-friendly initiatives buoyed by local entrepreneurs and tourism organizations has seen Lanta clean up its act and become an eco-friendly haven for like-minded visitors.

Sustainable Thailand Tourism

Koh Lanta and Pimalai Resort is working together to create sustainable Thailand tourism

Sustainable Thailand Tourism in Koh Lanta

Fortunately for Koh Lanta, not much has changed on the island over the years when compared to tourism epicenters such as Phuket Island and Koh Samui. The pristine beaches, the clear blue seas, and the stunning flora and fauna of the nearby national park make ensures this part of Thailand is not a commercialized tourism area.


However, even in a place like Koh Lanta where sustainable Thailand tourism is applied, there are still effects to the local eco-systems and environment. Pimalai Resort & Spa Koh Lanta is extremely aware of the negative impacts of tourism on local wildlife.


“The island was isolated when I first visited 30 years ago,” said Anurat Tiyaphorn, owner of Pimalai Resort. “There were no cars and no roads. Tourists nowadays are looking for the same experience in a place where nature is preserved. We are just one of the many on the island working towards preserving its natural beauty.”

Pimalai Resort Koh Lanta - Sustainable Thailand Tourism

5-Star Pimalai Resort Koh Lanta is the perfect place for an Eco-freindly get away.

Pimalai Resort & Spa Encouraging Sustainable Thailand Tourism

Pimalai Resort & Spa Koh Lanta is similar to many local businesses that are constantly looking for ways to encourage Sustainable Thailand Tourism. The resort has a deep-rooted relationship with Kantiang Beach, which enjoys many initiatives to keep the beach in tip-top condition. The resort works in tandem with the local Scubafish Dive Center and Lanata Diver organizations to release numerous Clownfish into its waters just off Koh Haa, and Koh Rok. They work hard to ensure that the area remains intact and is not ruined by tourism. They even relocated corals that are in danger.


“It feels like there’s more environmentally-friendly thinking across the island than ever before.” Said Lanta Diver’s Naiyana Leethongdee. “The company encourages visitors to join them on the propagation dives and learn more about how to conserve the island’s aquaculture.”

Cleaning Up Koh Lanta with Pimalai Resort

When it comes to Sustainable Thailand tourism, everyone must work together. From local business to tourists, to government organizations. The Pimalai team, along with local businesses, local people, and residents routinely join forces every month to clean up the local beaches. This initiative is called “Community Trash Free Days”.


The event takes place on the first Wednesday of each month. The cleanup is not just about the island’s beaches. They also maintain the island’s immense mangroves, which is home to lots of insect life. Much of the rubbish is then used for recycling purposes.  The waste is recycled and used for products that are then sold in standalone shops in Lanta Old Town.


My friends and I got the idea to set up this store seeing how much plastic waste there is on Koh Lanta.” Said store owner and eco-entrepreneur Aumpa Arthan. “So we came up with the idea to recycle used milk cartons, plastic bottles, and rice sacks into new products. We’ve received great feedback from tourists who support us by buying their products.”


The combined effort of Pimalai Resort and Spa with local businesses in an attempt to maintain sustainable Thailand tourism is a heart-warming story. Do you want to visit Koh Lanta with the lowest impact on the local environment? If so, make sure you book a stylish room at Pimalai Resort Koh Lanta today!