Atelier Rudee Bangkok makes modern jewellery. Here, you can find exhibits as well as take Bangkok workshop classes where you can learn about different jewellery making techniques.


Atelier Rudee Bangkok Gathers Skilled Artisans


Rudee Tancharoen founded this Atelier as Thailand’s first international academy for modern jewellery. The atelier welcomes artisans of all types. Artists and designers from all over come to share their knowledge and improve their skills. The atelier in Bangkok hosts lectures and seminars on various topics related to jewellery.


One such series sees skilled instructors teaching the well-known techniques of traditional Thai artisans.


Rudee from Rudee atelier creates another stunning piece .Thailand Event Guide

Rudee herself created another stunning piece. Thailand Event Guide


Even beginners Can Learn Jewellery Making at Rudee Bangkok


Rudee Bangkok holds different classes and workshops in Bangkok. So, even if you have never made jewellery before, you can learn it here. From fundamental basics to more intricate techniques, The atelier can teach you how to make wearable art. Learn a new mode of expression here.


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Discover a tried and true method for casting jewellery at Atelier Rudee. Learn how to use cuttlebone to create moulds for your jewellery creations. Artisans have used squid and similar creatures’ materials for centuries to make moulds.