Thailand Courses post COVID

These courses in Thailand are the best. Thailand is an increasingly popular destination for things to do in Thailand all sorts of different classes, seminars, and workshops. With the country’s apparent draws (such as those tranquil beaches, an exciting culture, and endless activities), more and more visitors are flocking here with the aim to study, acquire a new Muay Thai skill or attend a workshop – be it for educational or corporate purposes or just for fun.


The most popular courses that have emerged in Thailand over recent years include intensive Muay Thai courses, TEFL training, cooking workshops, corporate MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events), exchange programs, meditation retreats, volunteer holidays, massage and holistic courses, foreign language learning and other vocational and academic courses. The list goes on and on.


To make it easier for you, we give you a rundown of the multiple courses in Thailand over the next 12 months and beyond. We keep these listings updated on a regular basis. If you see that something is not on the list, share your suggestion, and we will gladly add it to the list or do our best to help you.

Thai massage courses in Thailand


The best place to learn a new skill, for many, is the country of its origin. You can learn traditional Thai massage, Thai cooking and Thai language from the experts in the Land of Smiles. Again, these are all available up and down the country, but some areas/cities are better than others.


For Thai massage, Chiang Mai proves to be the go-to destination with dozens of places to learn the ancient technique (not to mention hundreds – if not thousands – of shops to receive a massage). The best massage schools in Chiang Mai include The Chiang Mai Massage School, Satva Massage, International Massage School (ITM) and Sunshine Massage.



Best Cookery courses in Thailand


As well as massage, the northern city is synonymous with Thai cooking schools. While most visitors don’t tend to visit Chiang Mai only to learn cooking, a short half or full-day course is cheap, fun and will provide you with a range of new recipes to impress your friends back home. The most famous cooking schools are Thai Farm Cooking, Zaab Eli, Thai Basil and Thai Orchid Cooking School. That said, there are also dozens of similar schools in Bangkok and other cities around Thailand. For more upscale classes there is the Blue Elephant Cooking Schools in Bangkok and Phuket, and Dusit Culinary School offers programs. When you are in plant-based cooking, the vegan school in Hua Hin provides quite some fun with the art of vegan food.  


Baking Courses in Thailand


Baking cakes, bread and sweets have over the years become more trendy. You see little shops rising in the streets giving courses around the clock to students eager to learn to bake deliciousness. Nothing wrong with that. You might want to check out the different hotels who offer banking courses in Thailand or walk down the streets of the town to find the bakery shop. The Commons in Bangkok also holds regular baking courses that you’d like to check out. And if you are not really into baking but still want to make something, we highly recommend the cheese-making workshop.



Muay Thai courses in Thailand


Muay Thai is for everyone, from beginners starting out to amateur boxers, mixed martial artists or anyone who wants to toughen up while getting fit at the same time. Thailand (of course) is the best place in the world to enrol on a Muay Thai course, with literally hundreds of gyms to train at up and down the country. You can find a good percentage of those that welcome foreigners on Thailand’s largest island, Phuket. The Muay Thai courses on offer here often include multiple daily workout sessions, gym access, personal trainers, meals and accommodation. Packages can also be as short or long as you choose – generally from a few days to one month. Tiger Muay Thai, Lion Muay Thai, Sunmalee and Sinbi are all recommended camps.


Accredited TEFL Courses in Thailand


One of the most frequently used ‘routes’ into Thailand for native English foreigners (who wish to stay for an extended period) is to enrol in a Teaching English as a Foreign Language, accredited TEFL course. These usually run for around 2-4 weeks (120 hours) and cost anything between 10,000-50,000 baht. Some of the best destinations for TEFL courses in Thailand are Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui and Bangkok. Some of the top brands out there include uniTELF SEE TEFL, International TEFL Academy and TEFL Heaven.


Speak Thai with Confidence


To talk to a Thai with confidence in their native language is a challenge for many foreigners travelling or long-time residents. The different tones and pronunciations make it an exciting journey and might take longer than the usual holiday time in the country. Many Thai private teachers come to a location to teach you the skills. Most of these tutors advertise on social networks. You also can learn Thai in different language schools, such as ECC, Siam Language School, Inter-L Language School and AUA. You can find them either as an independent branch or in a shopping centre. There are also speed courses available throughout the country.

Health and Wellness Courses


Health and Wellness have significantly grown in popularity and is excellent fun to learn and practice. There are different locations throughout Bangkok and around the country which practice Body Scrub, the making of Aroma Candles or learn the basics about food consumption and detox. The choice is diverse. You can understand more about the ugly secrets about skincare, or you can follow acupressure or acupuncture courses in Thailand. The decision is yours. Mangosteen in Phuket offers regular classes as well as Atsumi in Phuket.


Learn about art and practice it. Thailand Event Guide

Learn art from international and local artists. Thailand Event Guide

Art Courses in Thailand


With a fast-growing influx of international artists to Thailand, the creativeness of the Thai people and various art platforms hold in the country such as Wonderfruit and other festivals; it is no wonder that these artists teach students about art. You can choose from different art courses in Thailand, such as photography, textile, modern, contemporary or Thai traditional art.


Water sports and Diving Courses in Thailand


The beautiful scenery of Thailand’s underwater world is almost like no other. Vibrant marine life of different species makes Thailand an attractive place for diving and other watersports such as Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, Sailing, Paddling and Snorkeling. You can enrol in these courses quite quickly in the south of Thailand and cities like Phuket or on the islands such as Koh Samui, Koh Lipe, Koh Tao, Koh Chang or Koh Phangan. For people who’d like to stay closer to Bangkok, Pattaya offers a large scale of these activities. There are lots of accredited PADI dive courses in Thailand available.  


Business Meetings and Events in Thailand.


Not surprisingly, Bangkok is Thailand’s MICE hub. MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions. Bangkok is the most convenient for visiting business guests, holds the most large-scale event halls and has the broader choice of amenities and event management Asia services to make that business event go much smoother, such as accommodation and transport links.


There are three big conference and events centres in Bangkok; the most central is Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (near Asoke), while the large BITEC  and IMPACT Arena (Nonthaburi) are famous for international events. You can find some specialized Event Management Companies such as BCD Meetings & Events. Click here for a list of hotels in Thailand in case you are looking for a venue to organize your next event.