One of the biggest festivals in Thailand is Songkran Festival or Thai New Year. It tops for many Thai people the calendar and probably one of the few dates when Thai people reunite with their dear ones back home.

Songkran Festival is a Buddhist Celebration

The whole Thai nation celebrates the Thai New Year and people return in masses back home. Songkran is officially a Buddhist celebration where merit-making and water pouring is part of the festival. Over the years Songkran has grown in popularity under tourists soaking and throwing water. Thailand loves to celebrate festivals in Thailand. The Thai government expects to generate at least 50 billion baht in revenues during the Songkran festival.

Thailand celebrates Songkran festival or Thai New Year. Thailand Event Guide.

Thailand Event Guide Enjoy the Songkran Festival in Thailand. Thailand Event Guide

Thailand Celebrates Songkran

Songkran Festival takes three days and usually starts on 13th April. Thai New Year might be longer celebrated especially in the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai where it can take up to one week to unfold. Usually, on the first and second day, you will see people standing aside of the streets sometimes with massive sound systems, dancing and shooting passers with their water pistols.

Over the last years participation in the Songkran Festival water pouring from locals has declined. Most Thais state that they are bored from playing with water. Others say that it has nothing to do with the true sense of the festival. Also, some Thai women feel uncomfortable to play in the water festival due to harassment from their male counterparts.

Songkran Festival Transforms Tourist Areas Into Massive Water Parties

Songkran Festival turns tourist areas usually in soaking water parties where people hunt you with water pistols. Hunt. Don’t get chased.

Songkran ‘s main tourist areas in Bangkok are Khaosan Road and Silom. Outside Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai are the busiest Songkran destinations for celebration. The Southern islands such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Thao, Koh Phangan might celebrate it on a much smaller scale.

Safety First during Songkran

As Thai people travel home, most of them drive home. They party, love to consume lots of alcohol, get exhausted and drive long hours back to return home. As you can imagine, this is not the safest period to travel on the roads. Be cautious of road accidents top the list with often families ripped apart.

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