Soak in the healing music of Victor Platkova. Discover unique musical forms that relax at Yoga Connections Phuket.

Victor Platkova Unique Musical Creations

Victor graduated from the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, a renowned Russian music school located in Moscow. He spent many years performing and teaching in Russia, finding his way to Phuket.

He learned the art of music therapy for healing. Now, he is in Phuket, Thailand, to share his experience with you at Yoga Connections Phuket.

Every performance is unique. Victor plays while in a state of meditation. The music is an original creation. It becomes organically channeled through him into you in the audience.

Come Feel Music That Heals

The effect of this exceptional concert will amaze you. It not only relaxes. This method of composing music makes audience members feel healed. Come and join this singular session. Immerse yourself in the healing power of music!

Entry is free. Donations recommended

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