DJ Nakadia Comes Back to Thailand and Performs at Illuzion Phuket Again

DJ Nakadia may have grown up in a rural Thai village without even such basics as running water that most people take for granted, but she is now an international superstar. A life-changing trip to Germany inspired her to pursue her love of electronic music. And now this simple country girl is one of the most successful female EDM DJs in the world. After only a few years teaching herself, she developed a skilled hand at deep house and techno that brought her to gigs all over the world.

She’s played at world-famous venues in the UK, Brazil, China, and, of course, Thailand.

Sven Vaeth Joins DJ Nakadia at Illuzion Phuket for the Third Time

Thailand can welcome back techno master DJ Sven Vath

DJ Sven Vath performs in Phuket with Thai DJ Nakadia. Thailand Event Guide

Almost four decades later, techno master DJ Sven Vath still dominates the world electronic music scene. Sven Vaeth is now a living legend having influenced the evolving sounds of EDM. He has had a hand in successful clubs, labels, and other DJs’ careers all over the world. Starting in Frankfurt, this phenomenon created the party lifestyle hatched at Cocoon Ibiza. Now, more than 80,000 party seekers every year flock to the sound and vision and Sven Vaeth. His unique and unpredictable sets make every show an excellent time. So, you can only imagine what fun will happen when he performs at Illuzion Phuket with Nakadia!

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