5 Senses Thailand Music Festival is a platform where both techno and house fans come together for one united celebration on the exoticDeepand of Koh Phangan.

Deap in the tropical jungle on Koh Phangan, 90,000 square meters bring the wildes fun to life with three extra ordinary different theme stages, will take you to another world where the balance between nature, art, installations showcase the best to ever happen in Thailand, according to the organisers.

5 Days 5 Senses Music Festival Koh Phangan

You must be nuts when you think that Koh Phangan is only good for the Full Moon Parties. Wrong! From 14 – 19 February 2019, another EDM Music Festival will see life in Thailand. 5 Senses music festival brings techno and house to the selfie-like coast of Thong Nai Pan on Koh Phangan, Thailand. The organisers’ vision is to turn this party island into one’s World best party destinations.

5 Senses Growing EDM Brand Spreads Cultivating Beats

5 Senses EDM music festival has travelled a long way. From Berlin, via Warsaw to San Franciso, 5 Senses will land on Koh Phangan for a kick-ass party where nature and people will harmonise on cultivating beats of cutting-edge electronic DJ’s and artists.

The island is one of the world’s best party destination and is host to the wild and different events coming to life during this weekend on this exotic island.

The organisers plan to bring innovative line-ups, state of the art productions and impressive stages to the island.

5 senses music festival in Koh Phangan. Thailand Event Guide

5 Senses EDM Koh Phangan Music Festival. Thailand Event Guide

5 Senses Stellar DJ Line-Up From All Around The World

Expect a stellar line-up of innovative talent flying in from all corners around the world. On top of that look at an impressive stage production that reflects the 5 Senses passion for both local community and artistic concept.

DJ Headliners for the upcoming music festival in Koh Phangan are Behrouz, Francesco Lombardo, Thomas Schumacher, Supernova, Miyagi, Davide, Graham Gold, Dirrty Dishes and Silky Thunder.

International Guests:

James Trystan Jan Golly Angelica Di Majo Bank Katy De Jesus Justin Ramsey Rosa Luxemberg Daf (UK) Cr0e & Grey MakZem Jose Mario David Chong Darragh Cassey Boris Staal No: mad [live] Alex Haube Erwin Linden Joram Flynn The Regulators Thorsten Karger Wayu ft. Radar Ryan Pharrell Korpus Sabura Acrobat Author

Thailand Residents:

Peter G Sense of Sun Millsie Fake Shamans Adam Phangan Luna Summer MAM Salvo Salvatore Konrad Ritter Erwin Linden Tree’s Talk Elkin Nina Catcher Suiss MakZem Haidak Dava Di Toma

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