Happy Valentines Day for the unorganised bunch, Tantitium restaurant has sorted happy Valentines Day for you. All you must do is book and show up!


Valentine’s Day is on its way and with it, the pressure of organising a romantic evening for your loved one. At the romantic Phuket Old Town restaurant ‘Tantitium’, they understand the pressures for those who aren’t exactly maestros when it comes to the romance game. Luckily, they have put together their ‘Don’t Screw Up Valentine’s Day’ dinner, meaning they do all the hard work for you! All you have to do is to make a booking and show up with your date, leaving the cooking and the ambience to the professionals! A perfect option for a blissful Valentine’s Dinner in Phuket.


Happy Valentines Day Phuket. Thailand Event Guide

Don’t Screw Up Happy Valentine’s Day – A Romantic Phuket Feast. Thailand Event Guide


Happy Valentines Day at its Finest!

Tantitium is inviting you to revel in the opportunity of impressing a new date or injecting next-level excitement into your relationship. They believe their incredible interiors and menu create the perfect Valentine’s date so minimal effort is required from you and your loved one. Book a table, take your seat and feast on an evening of passion, great food and romance at this stunning Old Town restaurant. Alongside an incredible venue and highly acclaimed cuisine, Tantitium also boasts an upstairs massage parlor…a perfect option for a post-dessert couple fun!


A Happy  Valentines Day Dinner is as Fine as the Setting!

Tantitium invites you to join them hand-in-hand and make your way down to their discreet entrance on the fabulous Dibuk road this happy Valentines Day.


Sip on a welcome cocktail and take a seat on the plush velvet sofas with your loved one this February 14th. The three-course decadence can begin with a Sea Bass salad, kissed with herbs and ingredients all freshly sourced from Phuket.


Grilled Norwegian Salmon is on offer and comes complete with a mandarin sauce and herb-crusted potatoes. Valentine’s day dinner wouldn’t be perfect without an aphrodisiac and rest assured, all mains will be served with fresh, grilled asparagus. Dinner is dreamily concluded with a special dessert of Concorde Meringue, all alongside a selection on Mon Amour Tea. Romantic perfection!


Tantitium believes their incredible interiors and menu create the perfect Valentine’s date

Happy Valentines Day Phuket. Thailand Event Guide


A True Dining Experience in Old Town Phuket

Tantitium sits in the charming Phuket Old Town and boasts incredible architecture and design, perfect for intimate Happy Valentines Day ambience. Their culinary focus is on Southern-Thai cuisine but is known to experiment with their menu and locally sourced ingredients. Every detail in the restaurant has been carefully designed and is highly regarded as one of the key players in the Phuket dining circle. It is bursting with sophistication and elegance that perfectly complements their delicious menu. An incredible bar menu is available as well as an upstairs massage parlour that is in constant receipt of incredible reviews.


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