PHIST 2019 invites the hotel industry and its connected stakeholders together, to actively discuss environmental sustainability and community at this brand-new event in Phuket.

Join PHIST as it presents the first innovative FREE event that groups the hotel and its stakeholders together to tackle sustainability and the environment. It is the first event of its kind and will play host to an enjoyable schedule of educational and beneficial activities, alongside a host of networking opportunities. PHIST 2019 is organised by the Phuket Hotels Association with support from the Thai Hotels Association.



Green Hotels, Waste Reduction and Sustainability Solutions


This forum is a hugely collaborative event and is an excellent opportunity for Phuket and Thailand based businesses to gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of ‘being green’. Sustainability and environmental issues are a hot topic in the tourism industry at the moment, with pressure increasing to ensure all efforts are being made by businesses and individuals to contribute to this movement. Alongside hands-on learning methods and inspiration, this FREE networking event in Phuket brings members of the hotel industry and stakeholders an incredible opportunity to meet and network, all in an enjoyable and positive environment.



The Schedule of Events


The one-day forum is jam-packed with informative events and workshops. The day kicks off with a ‘workshop workout’ that will bring a rotating exhibit of workshops to attendees and encourage group involvement. Topics include the ever-important subject of plastic reduction in Thailand, hotel development, sustainable solutions and the opportunity to discuss industry movements and investments in sustainability. As the day goes on, talks and conferences will take place that will tackle subjects such as youth sustainability training, energy and water efficiency and working with ocean NGO’s. ‘PHIST Bump for the Planet’ will take place before the event ends, where you can join over 1,500 people in a considerable attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous ‘fist bumps’. The video footage will be recorded by drones for a commitment to planet protection and sustainable tourism of Phuket Island. A drinks reception with casual food plates will finalise the event for a concluding networking section.


Phuket Hotels Association


The free event is organised by Phuket Hotels Association, a not-for-profit organisation with over 60 Phuket hotels and resorts as members. Their circle comprises of large luxury chains and independent boutique hotels, all joining together to promote Phuket tourism and island care. Through collaboration with each other and various events, they promote tourism of the island and work to positively improve environment & sustainability alongside the education/ marketing of Phuket as an international destination. The upcoming event is also supported by the Thailand Hotels Association and will take place at The Hilton Arcadia Resort & Spa.