If you are seeking out the most popular Chiang Mai club for a great night out, look no further! The Warm-Up Café is widely regarded as one of, if not ‘the’ best nightlife venue in Chiang Mai. The city enjoys one of the most diverse nightlife scenes making it a unique place to party. When you want a taste of the best, make sure you sample the delights of the Warm-Up Café Chiang Mai. 


Warm-Up Café is located in a very central location on Soi Nimmanharmin, also known as Soi Niman. When it comes to the most popular Chiang Mai club, it’s difficult to beat this stunningly modern establishment. When you want to experience a modern Thai pub-style experience in Chiang Mai, get down to Warm Up Café. 

Chiang Mai Nightlife - Warm-Up Cafe is a popular Chiang Mai club. Thailand Event Guide

Warm-Up Cafe is a popular Chiang Mai club for people of all kinds. Thailand Event Guide

Visit the Most Popular Chiang Mai Club  

The vibrant and boisterous atmosphere at Warm Up Café Chiang Mai is what makes this venue so great. Situated within close proximity to the local university ensures the pub is always heaving with young and cool people. However, the popular Chiang Mai club attracts people of all ages and nationalities. The establishment gets the reputation as “the undisputed king of clubs in Chiang Mai’.  


The popular Chiang Mai club has been open for over 15 years and has become a landmark and a cornerstone of the Chiang Mai nightlife scene. Within the premises, you will a multitude of zones. From alfresco dining areas on the outdoor terrace to interior zones that have stages, bars and lots of seating options. There is usually an acoustic guitarist playing tunes on the terrace, which really is a cool place to hang out and start off your evening with a few drinks. 

Chiang Mai Club

There is live music and live DJs every week at Warm Up Safe

Popular Chiang Mai Club Venue 

There is also a smaller room that is dedicated to house and techno music, which is predominantly popular with foreign ex-pats and tourists. There really is something for everyone, which is why this is the most popular Chiang Mai club. From 10 pm onwards, the Warm-Up Café becomes a cool nightclub. It takes on a different atmosphere entirely than in the evening. 


The large room at the back always has live Thai bands playing music and is always packed at the weekends. There is a DJ that plays upbeat EDM tunes in between the live bands that also creates a cool party atmosphere. Just remember that if you arrive at the club after 10 pm, you will probably not be able to get a table. 

More Warm Up Café Details 

The Warm-Up Café is open daily until late at night. Not only can you enjoy a quiet drink in the daytime, but you can also get food. Their menu is largely Thai, although there are some Western snacks available as well. The prices range from 30 THB to 300 THB per dish and are fairly valued in all honesty when compared to other similar venues.  


This popular Chiang Mai club is a go-to hotspot.


This popular Chiang Mai club has become extremely famous in the city and is a go-to hotspot.

If this is your first time, the club can be very busy, noisy, and overwhelming. But that’s part of its charm! The club is at its busiest on Friday and Saturday nights. However, the cub is generally busy most nights of the week. This is the perfect place to visit with a friend or even on a date if you are looking for an exciting atmosphere.  


Whether you live in Chiang Mai or you are on holiday in Chiang Mai, you do not want to miss a chance to visit the Warm-Up Café. This is one of the most popular nightlife establishments in the region for a reason.