Best Thailand Nightlife Events That Keep You Awake.

The majority of organized events in Thailand happen after dark. Maybe because it’s pretty hot in the daytime or maybe because people here just love to party after the sun goes down, Thai nightlife in Thailand is world-famous.

So, what kinds of events can you expect at night? Not surprisingly, the majority involve music, a few drinks, and possibly a sore head the next morning. Major cities like Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai welcome local and international DJs on a nightly basis, with the big events usually saved for the weekend. Aside from nightclub events, you can find festivals, beach parties, live shows and even a few comedy events.

Below, find an overview of all the best Thai nightlife events in all the major cities and tourist areas including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai.

Nightlife events in Bangkok

The capital has several nightlife zones for all different tastes. Backpackers will know all about Khao San Road and its many roadside bars, while locals and expats normally stay in the city center around Sukhumvit and Thonglor. Here, some of the tops clubs include Demo, Beam, Glow, and Levels. For the highest density of clubs, check out the party strip of RCA; popular venues here are Onyx, Route 66 and Live RCA. All of these clubs mentioned are open most nights of the week, although it’s best to check here when their big events are being held, which often involve famous international DJs.

If you’re not a clubber, Bangkok has much more to offer in terms of Thai nightlife events. Live shows, comedy performances and solo artists frequently play at one of the city’s big event arenas. Again, stay tuned here to find out all the latest events.

Nightlife events in Phuket

Thailand nightlife is as synonymous to Phuket as its glorious beaches. Most of the events on the tourist island are centered around the built-up beach resorts, with Patong being the No.1 place to party. The famous Walking Street (Bangla Road) (as well as lots of naughty go-gos), has a few great clubs, such as Seduction and Illuzion. In recent years, these late-night venues have started to welcome well-known international DJs alongside their in-house regulars.

Many nightlife events can be found closer – or even on the beach! With swanky resort bars hugging the coastline, expect a roster of live music, themed beach parties and pool parties.

Nightlife in Pattaya

Similarly, to Phuket, much of Pattaya’s nightlife is quite… adult-themed – especially if you are near the city center around Walking Street. The tourist town is home to hundreds of beach bars, rooftop bars, clubs and discos.

That said, the wider Chonburi areas does draw in locals and expats from Bangkok with a regular lineup of festival events and live music.

Nightlife events in Chiang Mai

Nightlife in Chiang Mai has a reputation for being relatively quiet – certainly compared to Bangkok or Phuket. But that reputation is not entirely true, you just have to look a little bit harder to find the party at night.

Most of the Thailand nightlife venues here can be found around Niman Road, such as the popular Warm Up Cafe. These kinds of venues welcome local bands on a regular basis. Over in the Old Town, nightlife events are a little calmer, focusing on jazz music, social events and exhibitions in the many small bars and shophouses lining the streets.