SingSing Theatre is Cool Swing

SingSing Theatre is the brainchild of Australian venue designer Ashley Sutton, who over the years has created some of Bangkok’s leading bars including Maggie Choos, Iron Fairies and Fat Gutz.

Crowd entertained in the intimate SingSing Theatre. Thailand Event Guide.

SingSingTheatre Is Pure Imagination

As with all of his venues comes a strong and imaginative theme. SingSing Theatre does just that and is one of the most elaborate designs to date. It is based around a glamorous and decadent 1930’s Shanghai. The very high ceilings are surrounded by exposed wooden beams, Chinese lanterns, and brightly colored authentic umbrellas. There is a small mezzanine area which acts as the dance floor, which gets shoulder to shoulder busy at the weekends.

SingSing Theatre is Incredible Intimacy With Pure Sense for Detail

Small cozy tables, interesting Chinese wall carvings, antiques, and artifacts as with the majority of Ashley’s venues are on the second floor. The attention to detail is incredible and it does feel like you are stepping back in time. They have numerous featured events and nights at the venue including; Ladies Night and special international acts and artists. Beautiful dancers, wearing theatrical handmade outfits, provide performances during the night. It’s a great place for a date or someone looking for a special experience during their time in Bangkok.

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