Maggie Choos Remains Trendy in Bangkok

Maggie Choo’s Bangkok can be found under the Novotel Fenix Silom. The bar and restaurant is a trendy nightlife spot that merges an inviting atmosphere and a décor that implements artistic Chinese influences. You will not find another venue/lounge bar like this in Bangkok City.

Maggie Choos Hosts DJ and Theme Nights

Not only is Maggie Choo a great place to visit in the evenings for a few cold drinks to absorb the warm and inviting environment, but is also home to some quality Bangkok events, especially live DJ evenings from some of the coolest turntablists in the world.

Merging a bar and restaurant that could be right out of the prohibition era in China in the 1930s, Maggie Choo’s has a real atmosphere that you can touch, taste and smell.

Best bar and restaurant Maggie Choo in Bangkok, Thailand

Interior photo of the popular Maggie Choo in Bangkok, Thailand Event Guide

Maggie Choos For Your Night of Fun

When you are looking for a unique evening of fun in Bangkok that is like no other, Maggie Choo’s under Novotel Fenix is the perfect venue that you can trust.

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