If you are staying close to the Chao Phraya River and are looking for Bangkok restaurants near me, I have a treat for you. Above Riva Rooftop Bar & Restaurant stands tall in the heart of a bustling metropolis. It offers patrons an unforgettable dining experience with a panoramic view that rivals none.


Perched atop the luxurious Riva Arun Hotel, this hidden gem combines delectable cuisine and handcrafted cocktails to a spectacular backdrop that captures the essence of the city’s skyline. Step into a world of elegance and sophistication as we embark on a culinary journey celebrating Above Riva’s excellence in hospitality, gastronomy, and ambience. If you are looking for Bangkok restaurants near me, this is one of the best.

Above Riva Rooftop Bar Bangkok Restaurants Near Me. Thailand Event Guide.

Is Above Riva Rooftop Bar one of the Best Bangkok Restaurants Near Me?

It most certainly is if you are staying in this part of Bangkok. Ascending to the summit of Above Riva, one is immediately taken aback by the mesmerizing sight that unfolds before their eyes. The terrace opens up to an expansive cityscape vista, with shimmering lights adorning the horizon as far as the eye can see.


Soft hues and plush furnishings accent the chic and contemporary décor. This creates an inviting ambience that complements the allure of the view. As the sun sets, the rooftop transforms into an enchanting paradise. Absorb the flickering lights from the surrounding skyscrapers that blend harmoniously with the stars above. This is a trendy Bangkok rooftop bar.

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What’s on the Above Riva Bangkok Menu?

Bangkok restaurants near me don’t get any better than this. Above Riva’s culinary team is at the forefront of innovation, curating a menu that showcases the finest ingredients and culinary techniques. Drawing inspiration from local and international cuisines, each dish is a masterpiece of flavours, textures, and artistic presentation.


For starters, sample the Tuna Tartare and its symphony of freshness. It comes with finely diced sashimii-grade tuna, avocado, lime, and sesame oil, served atop a crispy wonton shell. The flavours dance on the palate, setting the stage for what is yet to come. For mains, the restaurant’s signature dish, Grilled Angus Ribeye, is an indulgent treat for meat enthusiasts. The tender, perfectly cooked ribeye is paired with roasted vegetables and a tantalizing red wine reduction. This dish elevates the experience to gastronomic heights.


Perfect for vegans and vegetarians…


Vegetarians will rejoice in the delightful Stuffed Eggplant, a creative concoction of roasted eggplant filled with a medley of quinoa, herbs, and feta cheese, complemented by a rich tomato sauce. This dish exemplifies Above Riva’s commitment to catering to a diverse range of palates. This Bangkok Thai menu enjoys an exotic mix of upscale Thai cuisine and European culinary delights.


No dining experience is complete without a sweet conclusion. The dessert menu at Above Riva tantalizes with an array of divine treats. Their signature creation, the Chocolate Lava Cake, is pure indulgence. The moment the fork pierces the cake, molten chocolate flows forth, harmonizing with the accompanying scoop of vanilla ice cream to create a heavenly symphony of flavours.


Cocktails and Libations…


Above Riva’s bar is an alchemist’s den, where skilled mixologists craft unique concoctions that are a tribute to the city’s vibrant spirit. From classic cocktails to innovative blends, each sip is a revelation. The Sunset Breeze, a refreshing blend of vodka, cranberry juice, and elderflower liqueur, is a perfect choice to complement the view as the sun dips below the horizon.

Above Riva Rooftop Bar Bangkok Restaurants Near Me. Thailand Event Guide.

Experience the Stylish Rooftop Ambience

The food and drinks undoubtedly steal the spotlight. Above, Riva’s ambience is crucial in elevating the overall experience. As twilight sets in, the rooftop comes alive with soft jazz melodies and gentle laughter, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation. Whether it’s a romantic evening or a celebration with friends, the rooftop’s versatile seating arrangements cater to every occasion, ensuring guests feel welcome and at ease.


Above Riva’s attentive and knowledgeable staff leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a seamless dining experience. From recommending the perfect wine pairing to accommodating dietary preferences, their dedication to providing exceptional service is evident in every aspect of the visit.

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Where Are The Best Bangkok Restaurants Near Me?

Everyone wants to visit the best Bangkok restaurants near me. It’s great when amazing Thai restaurants are close to where you are staying. Above Riva Rooftop Bar & Restaurant at the Riva Arun Hotel is a crown jewel in the city’s culinary landscape. It offers an immersive experience that combines delectable cuisine, inventive libations, and breathtaking views.


With its impeccable service and warm ambience, this hidden gem continues to capture the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re a food connoisseur or simply seeking an enchanting evening, Above Riva promises an unforgettable journey. This culinary experience will linger in your memory for years to come.

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Exploring Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River on a Sightseeing Cruise

A Chao Phraya River sightseeing cruise in Bangkok is a captivating journey through the heart of this bustling metropolis, offering a fresh perspective on the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. As you step aboard the boat, you’re enveloped by the gentle rhythm of the water and the mesmerizing hum of the city. It’s more than just a boat ride; it’s an immersive exploration of Bangkok’s heritage and charm.


One of the first awe-inspiring sights along the route is the majestic Rama VIII Bridge. This modern marvel arches gracefully over the river, connecting the two sides of the city. As the boat glides beneath its towering structure, you’re treated to a breathtaking view of the bridge’s architectural splendor. It’s a moment that beckons you to pause and marvel at the remarkable engineering feat that Bangkok proudly displays.


Chao Phraya River Sightseeing Cruise in Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide


As the boat keeps moving, you’ll see a famous temple called Wat Arun. It’s like a tall, beautiful tower covered in colorful decorations. You can’t miss it from the boat. Even though the city is busy, this temple feels peaceful.


Chao Phraya River sightseeing cruise is a delightful fusion of history, culture, and relaxation. It offers a unique opportunity to see Bangkok from an entirely different perspective, uncover its hidden treasures, and gain a deeper appreciation for the city’s distinctive blend of tradition and modernity—all while enjoying a leisurely boat ride along one of Bangkok’s most iconic waterways, the Chao Phraya River.

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