The Stones House Pattaya is quite possibly the premier live music venue on Walking Street Pattaya.


Walking Street is a fascinating study of human behavior and a people-watchers dream come true. There is so much to see and absorb on the street. And with many bars and restaurants, the choice is mesmerizing. However, when you seek an upscale live music venue, there is only one choice that awaits – The Stones House.

The Stones House Pattaya - Live Music Venue

The Stones House Pattaya is the best music venue on Walking Street

The Stones House Pattaya – Walking Street

Located just 50 meters from the Beach Road entrance of Walking Street, The Stones House Pattaya stands out like a precious jewel on P-Diddy’s Rolex. This purpose-built music venue is easily recognized by it gigantic guitar logo that juts out at the entrance, welcoming you into the best live music venue in Pattaya.


The purpose-built club is set over 2 floors with the main bar area and large stage downstairs and a balcony/terrace area upstairs where you can enjoy the live performances from an elevated position. The house band has become well known across Pattaya for excellent live performances.

Stones House Pattaya Live Music Venue

The Stones House Pattaya is the ideal spot to catch live music in the city

The Stones House Pattaya In-House Band and Shows

A live music venue is only as good as its in-house band, because without a quality live band, what have you got? Earache?


The live band at The Stones House Pattaya is something special with an extremely talented female vocalist. The band plays a great selection of pop music and a fantastic choice of classic rock, both English and Thai, along with contemporary sounds from the modern era.


The Stones House is one of those special establishments that appeal to both Western holidaymakers and Thais. Especially those on the hi-so scene, and especially with Thai people making a Mecca-like pilgrimage to the venue from Bangkok. It all combines together to create a fascinating, and ultimately, an exciting and eclectic atmosphere of style, chic, and a rocking good time. Alongside the live in-house band, the venue enjoys shows from other bands from Thailand and beyond.

The Face of Pattaya Live Music

The Stones House Pattaya has become a real face on Walking Street for not only their live band and impeccable interior. But also for their varied drinks promotions, special themed nights, and also as a place where the big Thai music artists visit to perform. It is not uncommon to see hi-so Thais traveling from Bangkok over the weekend to visit The Stones House. The mix of Thais, ex-pats, and holidaymakers makes the venue one of the most interesting and eclectic places in the city.


Looking around the establishment, it’s easy to see that The Stones House is one of the most upmarket live music venues in Pattaya. The venue has a fantastic live PA system where you get a great view of the stage from every angle.


Are you are looking for the perfect place to listen to a bit of live music on Walking Street? If so, The Stones House Pattaya should be at the top of your hit-list. You can keep updated on their Facebook fan-page to inform you about gig events and other parties at the venue.