Find your healing journey at Satva Yoga in Chiang Mai. With over three decades of experience, Satva Yoga can help you rebalance and heal.

Satva Yoga Believes in a Balanced Body

Satva embraces the five Ayurvedic bodies that include the physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic, and bliss. Satva offers Yoga Classes in Chiang Mai concentrate on the dynamic and physical states. Drawing from over 30 years of practice, Satva Yoga teaches alignment for a balanced body.

People hanging during their Satva yoga class. Thailand Event Guide

Satva Yoga Chiang Mai. Thailand Event Guide

Learn How to Integrate Core Movements at Yoga Classes Chiang Mai

Free your mind and body through yoga classes near me at Satva Healing. You will learn how to re-align yourself through bodywork for a healthier body and pure being. Satva encourages all yoga for kids and yoga for adults levels to join their classes. Every instructor at Satva Yoga in Chiang Mai has training in various schools of yoga, Pilates, structural bodywork, Thai massage, and other therapies. Professional trainers ensure that every student will benefit from the best instruction possible.

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