Finding the best Bangkok Thai restaurant that serves the tastiest and most authentic local cuisine is not so easy. There is a load of competition for that mantle. Tang Heng Kee Restaurant is right up there and an establishment that comes highly recommended by anyone lucky enough to dine there. But like most Thai food restaurants in Bangkok, it’s not that well known even by some expats, never mind about tourists.


Is Tang Heng Kee really one of the best Bangkok Thai restaurant options if you are looking to try something new this week? Most definitely! Buying Thai food in small-scale roadside eateries is always a unique experience, but sometimes you just need a reliable and excellent Thai restaurant that is quaint and perfect to take your family and friends. And in this regard, Tang Heng Kee is the ideal option.

Tang Heng Kee Bangkok Thai Restaurant. Thailand Event Guide

Why is Tang Heng Kee Bangkok Thai Restaurant So Popular?

Because it’s not a massive restaurant. It’s a charming little Thai eatery that has a reputation for fantastic food, and an even more fantastic atmosphere. It’s located in the Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang sub-district of Bangkok near to Wat Pho. It was originally opened by a Thai-Cantonese owner, and this is why some people are not sure if the menu is Thai or Chinese. The truth is there are both cuisine styles on the menu that make it such a fascinating place to eat.


If you ever get a chance to speak to the owner, he is a very friendly man who is a great and humorous host. It might be a small Thai restaurant serving a limited amount of dishes, but that’s what so many people love about Tang Heng Kee. Too many Bangkok Thai restaurant venues opt for a large-scale operation, and that affects the food and service quality.


So, if you want to know why this restaurant is so popular, it’s because the food is excellent, the atmosphere is quaint and friendly, and the overall dining experience is something a bit different from the norm.


What Type of Food Does Tang Heng Kee Serve?

It serves a delicious mix of famous Thai-style signature dishes with a sprinkling of Cantonese flavors. It’s a very small and limited menu, but sometimes less is more. When I see large-scale Thai restaurants that have a gazillion things on the menu, I already know that the attention to detail must be almost zero. A smaller menu usually means better and more focused food and flavor profiles.


At Tang Heng Kee, you can order Thai favorites such as Tom Yam Goong, and all manner of local curry dishes. There are also lots of standard and simple rice and noodle dishes. No reason to get so complicated.


They always keep it simple, fresh, and delicious. Some of their most popular dishes are fried chicken, pad Thai, and green curry. I would also recommend that you sample their delicious coconut ice cream if you need a tasty dessert. There is no need to invent the wheel. Simplicity is what Tang Heng Kee does best.


Is Tang Heng Kee Bangkok Thai Restaurant Expensive?

No, not at all. It was very inexpensive. Many people say you get what you pay for, but there are exceptions to the rule. This might be the best value-for-money Bangkok Thai restaurant in the city. And if not, it’s right up there. For sure, the prices are more than at the little food shacks on the side of the road, but not that much more expensive.


If you compared the prices of Tang Heng Kee’s food to other larger Bangkok Thai restaurant options, you get immense affordability. The focus is on value and quality, so you really cannot do any wrong. The prices are the best part about dining here.

Tang Heng Kee Bangkok Thai Restaurant. Thailand Event Guide

Should I Dine at Tang Heng Kee?

Most definitely, right away if you can. If you are looking for an authentic Bangkok Thai restaurant where you can take your family and friends and not pay sky-high prices, it’s a perfect choice. However, if you are looking for a large-scale Thai eatery, this is not the place for you. It’s open 7 days per week and the owner and staff always have a smile on their faces. Thai hospitality is still alive and well at Tang Heng Kee.


The best part about this stunning Bangkok restaurant is you can sample the best Thai signature dishes. But you can also experience a bit of Cantonese food at the same time. Everyone is a winner baby when you dine out in Bangkok at Tang Heng Kee.


Travelers, backpackers, ex-pats ad tourists of all kinds are always looking for an authentic Thai cuisine experience. So make sure you do not miss this magical eatery the next time you are visiting Bangkok on holiday or for business.