Eating authentic cuisine in a roadside Thai restaurant is something every visitor to Thailand should experience. However, to fully appreciate every aspect of Thai cuisine, you also need to sample dishes from a high-end Thai food eatery. The stunning Salathip Thai Restaurant is located on the breathtaking grounds of the Shangri-LA Bangkok Hotel and is a food connoisseur’s dream.


Salathip Thai Restaurant might not serve Royal Thai-style cuisine, but it is elegant, exquisite, and exciting in equal amounts. Bangkok Thai food is rarely this spectacular. Let’s find out if this restaurant lives up to its glittering reputation or if it’s just a damp squib.

Salathip Thai Restaurant. Thailand Event Guide

Quintessential Thai Riverside Dining Experience

Dining on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok is magical, almost ethereal. Sampling the most delicious Bangkok Thai food menu is one thing, but doing so while absorbing the surrounding riverside atmosphere is next level. Bask in the picturesque river views and relax in a totally tantalizing Teak Thai pagoda-style sala that just makes the experience even more authentically Asian.


The exotic and exclusive ambiance is something to behold. The layout of the restaurant makes it the perfect place for a romantic dinner under the stars. It’s also the ideal venue for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Alternatively, you might just be looking for a unique spot to dine in Bangkok this evening. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by the atmosphere, the vibes, or the cuisine.


What Food Style Does Salathip Thai Restaurant Serve?

Talking about cuisine, what sort of food does the Salathip Restaurant @ Shangri-La Bangkok serve? It’s the perfect mix of popular and hearty Thai dishes with a high-end twist. This terrific Thai restaurant makes up the perfect middle ground between cheap roadside Thai eateries and super-expensive restaurants serving Royal Thai cuisine. It offers amazingly delicious Thai food for a solid price that everyone can afford.


Sample a sumptuous blend of super-fresh local seafood dishes and classic Thai dishes that you know and love. They create cool Kaprow Moo dishes that takes it to another level. Devour some super-spicy local curries and an a la carte menu that is simply stunning.


Here are 5 Salathip Restaurant signature dishes that you simply must try:


  1. Phad Thai Khai Khem Chaiya: Stir-fried Thai noodles with mixed seafood, tamarind sauce, and salted duck egg.
  2. Pu Nim Phad Phong Ga-Ree: Stir-fried soft-shell crab in yellow curry sauce.
  3. Moo Kurobuta Yang Jim Jiew: Grilled pork jowl with lime-chili sauce.
  4. Mussaman Kea: Curried Australian leg of lamb, peanuts, and potatoes, served with roti.
  5. Khao Ob Sapparod: Seafood pineapple fried rice with scrambled egg and cashew nuts.


The main seafood options include Phuket lobster, giant tiger prawns, and whole seabass. Some of their most delicious seafood dishes are Southern Thai Yellow Curry with a choice of either tiger prawns or blue swimmer crab and betel leaves. There are a number of Thai curries on the menu if you are looking to test your spiciness levels. But with so much choice, you can easily choose a meal that is not spicy, so no need to worry about that.

Salathip Thai Restaurant Bangkok. Thailand Event Guide

Is Salathip Bangkok Restraint Expensive?

This could be deemed as an expensive Thai restaurant if you compare it to the cheap roadside eateries. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s not too bad. They have the kind of prices that are conducive to visiting for special occasions. This isn’t the type of Thai food establishment that you would visit every day. But that’s what makes it so special.


Comparing the prices to other high-end Thai restaurants, the prices are very fair and affordable. Some people who are on a budget might think it’s expensive, but the quality is undoubted, and the atmosphere and river views are unbeatable. You are paying for an overall dining experience, not a quick 40 baht fried rice in a Styrofoam box. You get what you pay for. And at Salathip Restaurant, the food is just part of the overall experience.


Is Salathip Thai Restaurant for Locals or Tourists?

Thai locals, unless they are from high-earning middle to high-class families, very seldom dine at a place like this. And that’s largely because it’s an upmarket Bangkok restaurant that appeals more to tourists, local ex-pats, and affluent Bangkokians. However, it’s pretty normal to see a bunch of middle-class Thai families dining here at the weekend.


The truth is that this type of high-end Thai restaurant really appeals to tourists who are afraid of small roadside Thai shack-style eateries. And that’s a fair enough synopsis.


Dress Code: Make sure you dress up for the occasion because the environment and ambiance are something special. You don’t have to break out the tuxedo, but the restaurant does expect a sense of style and decorum. The dress code is smart casual, so please leave your Singha beer vest at home.


Joking aside, the Salathip Thai Restaurant @ Shrangri-LA Bangkok Hotel is spectacular and affordable, all at the same time. Make a special pilgrimage to this highly-recommended eatery if you are in Bangkok. Eating cheap Thai food is great but sometimes you have to push out the boat and try something classy and high-end.