Nestled on the upper echelons of Park Hyatt Bangkok, the Penthouse Bar + Grill Bangkok beckons those in search of a unique and opulent experience. A triplex haven of pleasures, this collection of six venues exudes the charm of lavish Chicago and New York penthouses, sprawled across levels 34, 35, and 35M. Let’s take a stroll through this upscale oasis, where personalized indulgences and a touch of worldly sophistication await.


The Penthouse Bar + Grill Bangkok is not just a place; it’s an artistic expression. Imagine a muse – part fact, part fiction – a worldly-wise, international traveler and collector. The design narrative weaves through curated collectibles, fine arts, British fashions, and vintage motoring mementos. It’s an exquisite residential lifestyle locale that speaks of luxury yet remains reasonably priced, inviting both locals and savvy travelers to partake in its allure.


Penthouse Bar + Grill Bangkok, venues, gourmet delights, and panoramic city views. Thailand Event Guide


The Grill (Level 34)

The journey begins at The Grill, where an antique Royal Enfield motorbike stands as a sentinel at the entrance. The intimate restaurant boasts an open show kitchen and a culinary theater where prime cuts of meat and seafood from around the world are skillfully prepared. Whether dining on the outdoor terrace with panoramic views of Bangkok or in a private chef’s dining room, The Grill offers a sizzling experience for gatherings of any kind.


Cocktail Bar (Level 35)

Ascend to level 35, and the Penthouse Cocktail Bar awaits – a buzzing, fun, and happening space projecting a plush vintage-motoring theme. With a double-height ceiling, a DJ booth above the bar, and city skyline views, it’s an unparalleled experience. Enjoy inspiring cocktails, after-work drinks, and entertainment in a setting unlike any other in Bangkok.


The Mezzanine (Level 35)

Above the Cocktail Bar lies The Mezzanine, a perfect party space overlooking the vibrant bar scene. Featuring a custom wine wall, a private bar, and a collector’s wall of curated objet d’art, this venue sets the stage for group gatherings and celebrations, blending energy and privacy seamlessly.


Penthouse Bar + Grill Bangkok, venues, gourmet delights, and panoramic city views. Thailand Event Guide


Johnnie Walker Depth of Blue Room (Level 35)

A Scotch enthusiast’s paradise, the Johnnie Walker Depth of Blue Room is the flagship Scotch Whisky Store in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Immerse yourself in the dimension and diverse sensations of a premium whisky experience. From the exclusive Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch whisky to four special Thai-inspired cocktails, this room is a sensory delight complete with a 360-degree screen and special effects.


Rooftop Bar (Level 36)

The crescendo of this indulgent journey is the Rooftop Bar on level 36 – a dramatic outdoor garden lounge setting with breathtaking views of Bangkok’s skyline. Unwind with refreshing cocktails, classic drinks, and crafted bites while you revel in the warmth of sunsets and the glittering city lights through the night. This is not just a bar; it’s an elevated experience.


Penthouse Bar + Grill Bangkok, venues, gourmet delights, and panoramic city views. Thailand Event Guide


In the heart of Bangkok’s skyline, the Penthouse Bar + Grill emerges as a sanctuary of sophistication, offering a blend of culinary delights, artistic ambiance, and unparalleled views. From The Grill’s open kitchen theater to the lively Penthouse Cocktail Bar, the collection of venues caters to every taste. It’s a rendezvous point for those seeking the extraordinary – a place where indulgence is not just encouraged but celebrated. So, gather your friends, tag along, and immerse yourself in the grandeur of one of the most beautiful rooftop bars in town, where every moment is an exquisite memory in the making.


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