Nothing is more special than dining at the beautiful Happy Fish Bangkok restaurant on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It’s almost a spiritual experience. Absorbing a unique ambience is what living life is all about. And nowhere is more remarkable or more exciting than Bangkok. The Happy Fish Restaurant is in the impressive Asiatique The Riverfront shopping and dining complex.


This epic Thai restaurant offers one of the most unique interior designs in the metropolis. If you had a boat with a wooden interior, this restaurant’s décor is what I’d expect to see. And when you consider its riverside location, the atmosphere fits the location perfectly. Let’s look at what his eatery is about and what makes it so popular with affluent Thais, tourists, and foreign ex-pats.

Eating at Asiatique Bangkok Restaurant and Bar Nightlife is a great visit. Thailand Event Guide


Why Is Happy Fish @ Asiatique So Great?

A Bangkok restaurant or any other type of cuisine establishment is judged mainly by the quality of its food. The atmosphere, service, and price matter, but not as much as the taste and quality. The real question should be; does Happy Fish make happy customers? It surely does! There are many different options on the menu, whether you are looking for seafood, Thai food, or even dishes with an international flavour.


I find it’s the atmosphere that makes this Bangkok Thai eatery so unique. It’s a very busy restaurant, so that’s always good. The percentage of customers is usually around 80% Thai and 20% tourists and/or foreign ex-pats. The hustle, bustle, and excitement are palpable on the weekends, creating a warm and welcoming ambience.


They always have some live music act or a DJ in the evening, keeping the mood and vibes at high excitement levels. With giant TV screens, this is the ideal Bangkok restaurant to dine and catch the EPL football simultaneously. And all this before we have even mentioned the food.


You can dine indoors or on the Chao Phraya River terrace. Several zones offer a slightly different experience.

Asiatique offers a lot of different restaurants and is an excellent place for eating and nightlife. Thailand Event Guide


What Type of Cuisine is on the Happy Fish Menu?

If summing up the cuisine style of Happy Fish @ Asiatique, there is a lot to eat from the Happy Fish menu. I would say it has something for everyone, all for fair prices. You can order all those unique Thai seafood dishes you love and standard-style food. It’s a Thai restaurant, so most of the menu appeals to those who love authentic Thai cuisine. You can order all types of fried rice and noodles, the leading Thai signature dishes like Pad Thai and Tom Yam Koong, and a bunch of super-spicy Thai curries.


Those looking for international and European-style food will also be very content. You can order pizzas, ribs, roast chicken, steaks, and Western classics. For sure, you won’t get the same choice you might find in a dedicated European restaurant, but there is more than enough to tickle your fancy.


This is the type of Bangkok restaurant that also doubles as a bar. They serve a massive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to enhance your experience. There’s a massive selection of beer from around the world. Happy Fish restaurant’s top-shelf selection of spirits is also legendary. Sample a stunning cocktail or one of their unique mocktails if you are not in the mood. It’s a fantastic place to visit around sunset to enjoy a drink or two and some food and live music.


Happy Fish Asiatique Bangkok Restaurant and Bar. Thailand Event Guide


Is this Bangkok Restaurant Expensive?

Considering that the restaurant is located in one of the most desirable Bangkok locations at Asiatique The Riverfront, the prices are surprisingly affordable. I would say that it’s mid-level or 3-star in terms of expense. It’s not a hi-so bar/restaurant, but it’s also not a cheap and friendly beer bar. In fact, I would say the prices make up the perfect mid-ground between the two.


If you are a tourist or a highly paid ex-pat, you’ll find the Happy Fish Bangkok prices great value for money. The vast majority of the restaurant’s patronage is made up of affluent Thais who live and work in the city. It’s a fantastic people-watching venue with a nice interior, fair prices, and immense riverside views.

Happy Fish Asiatique Bangkok Restaurant and Bar Nightlife. Happy Fish restaurant is a must-see. Thailand Event Guide


Would you recommend Happy Fish Bangkok Restaurant?

Most definitely. And that doesn’t matter your nationality or the type of food you want. This place is all about the atmosphere and overall dining experience. You won’t find another Bangkok restaurant that looks and feels quite like Happy Fish @ Asiatique. If you are on holiday in Bangkok, you must try it out. And if you are a Bangkok ex-pat, you’ve been missing out.

This eatery is a Bangkok Thai food venue with many dining options. Visiting the venue is highly recommended to enjoy the Chao Phraya River views. Just remember that if you dine in the outdoor zones, the atmosphere is quieter and more romantic than the exciting hustle and bustle of the indoor sections.

If you’re in Bangkok, you should definitely check out Happy Fish Bangkok at the Asiatique Riverfront. This restaurant offers a unique dining experience that you won’t want to miss.