Get ready to elevate your nightlife experience at Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar Bangkok, an enchanting spot 35 floors above ground that offers panoramic views, delightful cocktails, and an unforgettable ambiance.


Discover the magic of Bangkok’s famed nightlife at Vanilla Sky, where the 360° view of the city skyline, Benjasiri Park, and Em District creates an enchanting backdrop. Renowned as one of the city’s best rooftop bars, Vanilla Sky promises a vibrant night out with lively vibes. Live DJs on weekends, and handcrafted signature cocktails.


Nightlife at Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar Bangkok, panoramic views, signature cocktails, vibrant vibes. Thailand Event Guide


Sunset Bliss and Tasty Vibes

Named after the mellow hues of the sky during sunset. Vanilla Sky is the perfect destination to witness a breathtaking sunset vista. Indulge in a menu of delectable cocktails, beer, wine, or shakes, complemented by a tasty bar-baked menu. Whether it’s a special celebration or just a casual night out. Vanilla Sky’s high-end yet casual venue caters to all occasions.


The Rooftop Experience

The spacious terrace is not only a prime spot for sundowners but is also available for private or semi-private functions. At Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar Bangkok, you’re at the center of the sky, enjoying a magical panoramic view of the city that never sleeps.


Cocktails and More

Explore the diverse cocktail menu featuring favorites like the flammable Lamborghini or the well-balanced Honey Spice. For gin enthusiasts, Vanilla Sky’s rooftop bar shines with a selection of creative gin and tonics, each offering a unique twist.


Nightlife at Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar Bangkok, panoramic views, signature cocktails, vibrant vibes. Thailand Event Guide


The Vibe and Beyond

Immerse yourself in the chill vibes and vibrant atmosphere as you sip on refreshing cocktails. While the bar doesn’t offer a full menu, indulge in light bar snacks like salted beans, nuts, popcorn, and Dorito chips. Keep in mind the staircase ascent to the rooftop and revel in the uniquely chic “sky bar” ambiance.


Vanilla Sky Rooftop Bar Bangkok is more than a bar; it’s an elevated experience, a celebration of sunsets, cocktails, and panoramic city views. Whether you’re a local seeking a chic spot or a traveler wanting to savor Bangkok’s nightlife, Vanilla Sky promises an energetic and delightful escape to the skies. Get ready to make memories at the pinnacle of sophistication and style.


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