Cielo All Day Sky Bar and Restaurant offers an unparalleled experience, nestled on the 46th floor of Sky Walk Condominium in Bangkok’s vibrant Phra Khanong area. With panoramic views, exquisite culinary delights, and a stylish ambiance, Cielo stands as a beacon of sophistication in the heart of the W District. Let’s take a journey through this elevated escape that combines breathtaking scenery with culinary excellence.


Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant, panoramic views from Bangkok's 46th floor. Thailand Event Guide


Discovering Cielo Sky Bar

When the allure of central Sukhumvit becomes too familiar, Cielo Sky Bar beckons as a refreshing escape. Located on the highest floor of Sky Walk Condominium in W District, this 360-degree viewing experience promises to astonish with its panoramic views of Bangkok. Situated on Sukhumvit Road, it provides a unique perspective away from the bustling city center.


W District: Bangkok’s Artistic Playground

W District, nestled in the southwest part of Bangkok, welcomes visitors with an artistic charm easily accessible via the BTS Sky Train. Positioned between BTS Phra Khanong and BTS On Nut stations, this multi-functional locale offers an artistic playground along Sukhumvit Road. For those seeking a grand entrance, a helicopter pad awaits to elevate the arrival experience.


Finding Cielo: A Hidden Gem

While the journey to Cielo Sky Bar might require a bit of exploration within W District, the illuminated glass-steel panorama on the 46th floor is a beacon from a distance. As you enter W District from Sukhumvit Road, pass the 7-eleven, and follow the enchanting notes of smooth jazz, you’ll discover the chic entrance to Cielo. Despite being less crowded than rooftop counterparts in hotels, the experience is equally enchanting, albeit with prices that mirror the city’s upscale dining scene.


Cielo Sky Bar and Restaurant, panoramic views from Bangkok's 46th floor. Thailand Event Guide


Culinary Excellence at Cielo

Guiding the culinary journey at Cielo is Thai executive chef Ping, a visionary known for transforming traditional Thai dishes into modern delights. Chef Ping, a decorated food stylist, boasts an impressive record with numerous prizes and medals from international and domestic competitions, including Gold Medals at the Thailand Chef Battle Thailand. His innovative approach to Thai cuisine adds a fresh and contemporary twist to every dish.


The 46th-Floor Experience

Located on the 46th floor of Sky Walk Condominium, Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant opens its doors from 10:00 AM until midnight. The venue promises a sumptuous experience, blending the highest rooftop dining with a social gathering ambiance. As the sun sets and the evening unfolds, patrons can relish a 360° panorama of Bangkok, creating an atmosphere of romance and delight.



Cielo All Day Sky Bar and Restaurant, perched atop the Sky Walk Residences, transcends the ordinary, offering an elevated experience that captivates the senses. From its hidden gem status in W District to the culinary brilliance of Chef Ping and the mesmerizing 46th-floor panorama, Cielo creates an unforgettable rendezvous with sophistication. Whether you seek a leisurely lunch or a romantic evening under the stars, Cielo beckons as a must-visit destination, where Bangkok’s skyline becomes a canvas for exquisite moments.


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