Photohostel & Photocafe Bangkok is a restaurant/café, a photo museum and workshop, co-working space, hotel, a potential event venue and much more. It’s located in the 220-year-old Taiyuan building located in the Talat Noi district of Bangkok’s vibrant Chinatown area. This district is celebrated for its old buildings, skilled metal workers, and dynamic festivals


The proximity to Bangkok Chinatown, the railway station, and the subway makes it a convenient choice for travelers. Photocafe & Photocafe Bangkok serves as a cozy spot for guests and visitors alike, offering a wide range of beverages and a tempting menu that includes sandwiches, pizzas, desserts, and fine ice cream.


The cafe atmosphere is ideal for both remote workers and co-meetings, with the added option to rent out the preserved 200-year-old office space for business gatherings. The building’s historical and architectural significance also makes it a sought-after location for movie shoots.


Photohostel & Photocafe Bangkok, historical 220-year-old Taiyuan Building, Talat Noi district. Thailand event Guide


A Historical Haven

Photocafe & Photohostel Bangkok breathes new life into the Taiyuan building. Every brick tells a story of the bygone era. Talat Noi, the neighborhood where the building resides, is famed for its historical buildings. It hosts masterful metalwork artisans, and exuberant festivals that light up the streets with a celebration of cultural legacy​​.


The Hostel Experience…


With a superb rating from guests, the Photohostel is more than just a place to stay. It’s an experience that offers a cozy atmosphere with a blend of traditional charm and modern facilities. The hostel boasts private bathrooms in every room, ensuring a comfortable and intimate stay. Guests also have access to common room amenities, including a washing machine and dryer, catering to all the comforts of home​​.


Strategically situated close to the heartbeat of the city’s transit – the Chinatown, railway station, and the subway – the hostel is perfect for travelers eager to explore the city’s sights and sounds without straying far from their lodgings​​.


The Cafe Culture…


Photocafe an integral part of the establishment. It serves as a sanctuary for those who seek a tranquil spot to indulge in a wide selection of beverages and delectable food. From aromatic coffee to refreshing smoothies and from savory sandwiches to indulgent desserts, the menu is curated to cater to all cravings.


The cafe’s cozy ambiance provides an ideal backdrop for remote workers or for conducting meetings. The unique option to rent the original 200-year-old office space for a dash of historical elegance to business proceedings​​.


Photocafe & Photohostel Bangkok Photography and Beyond

Unique to the Photocafe & Photohostel Bangkok is its dedication to the art of photography. It hosts the Bangkok Photo Workshop & Photo Walk. This is a fusion of a photography workshop and a guided tour through Bangkok’s historical districts. This initiative not only celebrates the art form but also invites guests to capture the essence of Bangkok through their lenses. This philosophy creates timeless memories​​.


What sets Photocafe & Photohostel apart is the warm and welcoming atmosphere it promises to every guest. The friendly and focused hospitality ensures that every visitor’s stay is memorable. In a city that never sleeps, this establishment offers a peaceful retreat to relax, reflect, and recharge amidst the heritage of Talat Noi.


Photohostel & Photocafe Bangkok, historical 220-year-old Taiyuan Building, Talat Noi district. Thailand event Guide 


Visiting Photohostel & Photocafe Bangkok

At Photohostel & Photocafe Bangkok, every guest is welcomed into a world where historical splendor meets contemporary comfort. Whether it’s the allure of capturing Bangkok’s spirit through a camera lens. Or the simple pleasure of a gourmet sandwich in a cafe that echoes centuries of stories. This place promises an unparalleled experience.


For travelers and photography enthusiasts alike, Photocafe & Photohostel in the historic Taiyuan building is a must-visit destination. It stands as a testament to Bangkok’s timeless charm and its ever-evolving identity.