Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, located on Sukhumvit Road within walking distance of downtown attractions, connecting you to the city’s energy, is perfect for hangouts, business trips and vacations.


Going out is one but for these relaxing moments, sitting in the hotel lobby and breathing the grand space is an experience in itself. 


The hotel’s façade follows the ‘Kruaycherng’ pattern found in traditional clothing and pillars of temples and palaces. The hotel decorations display a unique and classical flair, including the Sala at the ‘Siam Tea Rooms’ entrance, designed by Khun Thawan Duchanee, honoured as one of Thailand’s National Artists.

Bangkok sight seeing view. Thailand Event Guide

Bangkok sightseeing view. Thailand Event Guide

Significance in Views, Space and Hospitality


Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park offers a multitude of beautiful dining venues travelling you all around the world to fulfil your taste buds. 


Goji Kitchen + Bar is an excellent start for your journey, which combines the twin tenets of great food and great company. The Pagoda Chinese Restaurant treats you with attractive Cantonese cuisines. Siam Tea Room treats you with authentic Thai food. 


Japanese and Korean lovers find their treat at Akira Back Restaurant and Bar. Different cultural influences from these countries blend perfectly on your plate in one beautiful dish.


Cocktail Nipping Sunsets at Bangkok Marriott Queen’s Park


When the end of your evening comes at sight, a cocktail at A-Bar Rooftop is the perfect momentum for stunning views while nipping from one of these creative cocktail drinks. 


The Sirimahannop combines mixology and gastronomy while you settle down into a historic trading vessel for a sophisticated ambience.

A Rooftop Bar at Marriott Marquis Queen's Park. Thailand Event Guide

A Rooftop Bar at Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. Thailand Event Guide

The Bangkok hotel is also the most significant events and wedding hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. With three fine ballrooms and more than 30 event venues comprising 50,000 square feet of meeting space, guests enjoy genuinely unique and expansive facilities for corporate retreats and talk-of-the-town events. The facilities are ideal for training sessions or significant gala occasions.


Shopping Destinations around Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park


If you plan to go outside for the evening, much is happening close and around to the hotel. Emporium and Emquartier are popular shopping destinations in Bangkok. You can find local bars and restaurants around the hotel for various people with different tastes. The Skytrain, or BTS as we call it, is easy to access and connects you to almost every part of Bangkok.

 Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park Lobby. Thailand Event Guide

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Lobby. Thailand Event Guide

Furthermore, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park offers all the essential conveniences for modern travellers under Marriott’s “Travel Brilliantly” philosophy.

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