Nestled in the Bangrak Riverview project, Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok beckons with promises of culinary delights and a visual feast overlooking ICONSIAM and the Chao Phraya River. Offers a new gem for those seeking a blend of exquisite dining, panoramic views, and a vibrant atmosphere.


As you step into Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok, the first thing that captivates you is the breathtaking view of ICONSIAM, illuminated against the Chao Phraya River’s gentle current. This atmospheric restaurant boasts the largest projector screen on the river, promising an unparalleled cinematic experience. Located in the Bangrak Riverview project, every corner of the restaurant is a visual delight, a perfect backdrop for capturing moments with friends or loved ones.


Savor grill, scenic sunsets, and live entertainment at Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. Thailand Event Guide


Charm in Design: A Sports Bar Oasis

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or someone seeking a relaxed riverside vibe, Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok strikes the perfect balance. The interior design, with its dark green color scheme complementing the warm tones of wooden furniture, exudes a cozy and welcoming ambiance. It feels like a classic sports bar, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. With both indoor and outdoor seating options, every patron is guaranteed a captivating view of the Chao Phraya River.


Sunset Serenity: A Visual Treat

The beauty of Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok extends beyond its interior. As the evening sun dips below the horizon, patrons are treated to a stunning sunset view, casting the surroundings in soft orange hues. The transition to dusk brings out the beauty of the lights, creating a magical atmosphere perfect for unwinding after a day’s hustle. The outdoor area is not just a dining space; it’s a front-row seat to nature’s evening performance.


Entertainment Extravaganza: Music, Sports, and More

Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok doesn’t just offer a feast for the eyes; it’s a hub of entertainment. The bar features a pool table, providing an avenue for friendly competitions among friends. Sports enthusiasts can rejoice as the large projector screen broadcasts live football matches, ensuring that no exciting moment is missed. The ambiance is further elevated with live music every Wednesday to Sunday from 19:00 onwards. Transforming the riverside spot into a musical haven.


Savor grill, scenic sunsets, and live entertainment at Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. Thailand Event Guide


Culinary Adventure: Fusion Grill Delights

The menu at Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok is a culinary journey that fuses flavors from American, European, and Asian cuisines. Indulge in the Grilled Pork Kochujung, a Korean-inspired pork belly glazed with gochujang sauce, or savor the Quesadilla Pulled Pork, a Mexican delight with soft dough. Crafted by experienced chefs, the menu showcases a commitment to creativity and sustainability. A special mention goes to the “zero-waste cooking” concept, introducing a new menu each day or week. Allowing patrons to relish innovative dishes crafted from sustainable practices.


Sipping in Style: Custom-Made Delights

The bar at Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok goes beyond conventional offerings with its “Custom Made” feature. Bartenders create exclusive dishes tailored to individual preferences. It’s an opportunity to savor a drink that is uniquely yours while enjoying the picturesque riverside setting. The extensive drink menu includes a variety of Thai and international beverages, providing the perfect companions to your culinary adventure.


Savor grill, scenic sunsets, and live entertainment at Howler Bar & Grill Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River. Thailand Event Guide


In the heart of Bangkok, Howler Bar & Grill emerges as more than just a dining destination. It’s a sanctuary where culinary delights, breathtaking views, and entertainment converge. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing evening by the water, a vibrant night out with friends, or a romantic date, this riverside gem offers an experience that transcends expectations.


So, gather your loved ones, immerse yourself in the luxurious ambiance along the Chao Phraya River. And let Howler Bar & Grill redefine your evenings with its unique blend of charm and sophistication.


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