It’s so refreshing to find a Bangkok Thai restaurant that perfectly makes up the middle ground between small shack-style eateries and high-end Royal Thai cuisine restaurants. Most tourists and expats want to eat Thai food, but might not fancy cheap or expensive options. AMA is a classy Bangkok Thai restaurant that offers stunningly authentic Thai food for affordable prices.


AMA Restaurant is located near Wat Pho Temple in the heart of Bangkok city. It’s the perfect Thai restaurant to visit if you are in this part of the city on a sightseeing tour. It’s also near the Grand Palace and many major Bangkok tourist attractions. Let’s learn more about this popular restaurant and why many people love it.


Why Should I Visit AMA Bangkok Restaurant?

Because it’s one of the best value-for-money Bangkok Thai restaurant options that merge excellence and affordability, the authentic Thai cuisine is fantastic, and the restaurant interior is rustic yet homely. The cosy and comfortable atmosphere makes the restaurant popular with locals and tourists. The staff are super friendly, and the atmosphere is non-pretentious.


This is a restaurant that you can trust to deliver high-quality Thai food, and that’s why you should visit. It’s family-friendly and is the sort of restaurant you can visit daily. You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy this Bangkok restaurant. All you need is a couple of hundred baht, and you can have an authentic Thai feast.


The atmosphere and ambience of this restaurant are underrated, and you don’t get the kudos it deserves. It’s very welcoming, and you never feel unwanted. The staff always make you feel at home and that your custom is critical to them.


What Food Style Does AMA Restaurant Serve?

They serve humble and authentic Thai food that is cheap, delicious, and wholesome. It’s one of the highest-ranked Bangkok Thai restaurant options that always gets positive reviews from previous diners. There is nothing on the menu that is going to take you by surprise. They serve all the best Thai dishes you have come to know and love. Their Pad Thai is the stuff of legends, so if you like noodle dishes, make sure you try that one. It’s simple but tasty food that is perfect for all the family.


They offer a delicious selection of meat and seafood dishes, many noodle and fried rice options, and many classic Thai favourites. Vegetarians and vegans in Bangkok will be delighted to hear that AMA Restaurants has lots of non-meat dishes on their Bangkok Thai food menu. There is something for everyone. And if you do love a good Thai curry. They make delicious green and red Thai curries and some that are spicier.


Is AMA Restaurant Bangkok Expensive?

No, this is a Bangkok Thai restaurant with exceptional value for money. The prices are in the low to mid-scale range in terms of expansiveness. For sure, the dishes on their Thai menu are more expensive than a roadside shack. But if compared to the higher-end Thai food eateries, AMA Restaurant is very cheap and affordable for all.


If you take along a family of four, you can eat like kings and queens for under 1000 THB. For this price, you can buy several noodle and rice dishes and other Thai classics like Tom Yam Koong and many different soups. If you are looking for an inexpensive Thai food meal in the city’s heart that merges quality and value, this is the Bangkok restaurant for you.


Should I Dine at AMA Restaurant?

AMA Restaurant is the perfect choice for an amazingly affordable yet delicious Thai dining experience. It won’t be the most luxurious Bangkok Thai restaurant you ever visit, but it will be memorable. Top-notch Thai cuisine is a given at AMA. The restaurant is located close to the Grand Palace and other popular Bangkok tourist attractions, making it even more convenient and accessible.


Convenience, accessibility, and inexpensive prices are essential, but they are primarily redundant if the food is terrible. Fortunately, the Thai food at AMA more than lives up to its name. It is some of the best Thai food in Bangkok in this price range.


The only issue you might encounter is how busy the eatery can get. It’s a sign of how good the restaurant is. You might have to wait a bit if you can’t get a table immediately. But it’s more than worth the wait or a memorable visit. AMA Restaurant is highly recommended by everyone who visits and is a sure thing.