TheCommons is a venue in Thonglor and a playground for the specialised and high-quality producers. They take proud in what they do and fabricate with the best care.


TheCommons is Thonglor’s backyard and a place for quality time spending and little closer to nature escaping the busy streets of Bangkok.

Students learn how to make coffee during a coffee workshop at thecommons. Thailand Event Guide

Bangkok coffee workshop at TheCommons. Thailand Event Guide


Social, Events and Great Food at TheCommons


The location combines a real sense of community and wholesome living while organising cooking workshops, private parties and events. Shopping is also possible with home delivery when you live within 5 kilometres radius.


Regular workshops, DJ performances, and other events take place while enjoying your good things in life. The location is in the Soi next to J Village. Be aware of difficulties with parking. Another option is to take the BTS Thong Lor and from there take a taxi or motorcycle.


The place has renovated the ground floor, and more restaurants open there including Birds Rotisserie, Fowlmouth, Guss Damn Good, Seven Suns and Daniel Thaiger.

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Natural soap making in Bangkok! The Commons presents a Thailand workshop where you can learn the specifics about soap making from cooking oil.