5 Reasons to Watch Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

If you have never seen the epic Quentin Tarantino movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the only question we have is ‘why not?’ Are you not interested in movies or did QT say something derogatory about your family?


He’s so violent! His films are always gory and are based on gratuitous violence and profanity. And that’s his good qualities as a director. Anyway, here are 5 reasons to watch the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019). And there are not any major spoilers in the text, so don’t get your panties in a twist.


#1 – An Ode to California in the 1960s

In the late-1960s, California was the epicenter for popular culture and the hippy movement. Times were changing, the Vietnam War was close to ending and a new wave of thinking bolstered by LSD consumption was coming into prominence. Tarantino captures that vibe of LA in the 60s. His use of real film, original props, real shop signs and banners from that time, and music makes the movie so authentic. If you want to feel what it’s like to be in LA in the late 1960s, there is not a better movie to watch.

Brad Pitt and Leao DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio play best friends in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

#2 -Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio Performances

Back in the days, Pitt and DiCaprio were seen as ‘pretty boy’ actors that looked great but had no substance. How wrong were we? Very wrong indeed! They’ve both proved their ability as actors over the years and showed they are more than just meat on a stick.


DiCaprio’s performances in Catch Me If You Can, Django, and Wolf of Wall Street have shown how good he is. Pitt’s roles in movies such as Snatch, Seven Years in Tibet, and his part in Inglorious Bastards showed a different side to the Hollywood heartthrob.


In Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Pitt and DiCaprio play the duo of a fading TV Western Actor Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) and his stuntman and best friend Cliff Booth (Pitt). The performances are amazingly charismatic, funny and sad all at the same time.

Brad Pitt starring in Once Upon a Time in America

Brad Pitt plays the stuntman Cliff Booths in Once Upon a Time in America

#3 – Margot Robbie – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Margot Robbie is a single reason alone to watch the movie. Did you ever watch the Wolf of Wall Street and were taken aback with the beauty of actress Margot Robbie? She plays the part of Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and she looks fantastic. And she can act a bit too. Just watching her performance makes the movie worth it!


#4 – History Revised – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Did you ever watch the Tarantino blockbuster Inglorious Bastards and say (SPOLER ALERT) “Wait a minute, Hitler doesn’t die like that?” Well, if so, you will be unsurprised to hear that Tarantino is at it again playing god with history. Some hate it, but we love it. Basically, the movie rewrites the story of Sharon Tate and the Charlie Manson Hollywood murders. You will have to watch to find out how and why!

#5 – Bruce Lee Gets His Ass Kicked

Have you noticed that Bruce Lee barely gets even touched in one of his Kung-Fu movies? And although we love the legendary martial arts movie kingpin, everyone gets touched in a fight at some point. To counterbalance this, Quentin Tarantino finally ensures Bruce Lee got what was coming to him.


Brad Pitt’s character shows Bruce Lee what hand-to-hand-combat is all about, in the funniest Tarantino-esque manner. In my opinion, it’s one of the funniest moments in recent movie industry. Although some people such as Joe Rogan were horrified about Bruce getting a kicking. He had it coming to him if you ask us!


If you have Netflix Thailand, you can watch Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by clicking here. We would highly recommend that you watch this Quentin Tarantino masterpiece. This is the ninth movie in his career that he wrote and directed personally. He only plans to make ten movies in his lifetime, so we have to make the most of Quentin while we still have him.